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How to spell KEPPED correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "kepped", a few possible correct suggestions are "kept", "capped" or "kept". While "kept" is the most likely intended word, "capped" or "pepped" could be appropriate alternatives depending on the context. Remember to always proofread and double-check your spelling to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell kepped correctly

  • beeped The car beeped as I pulled into the parking lot.
  • bopped As the music played, he bopped his head along with the beat.
  • capped
  • Copped I copped a CD from the music store.
  • Cupped She cupped her hands and offered me a drink of water.
  • dipped She dipped her finger in the chocolate fountain and tasted the delicious sweetness.
  • gypped I was gypped when I saw that sale on the internet.
  • heaped She heaped a pile of laundry on the bed to sort through.
  • hipped
  • Hopped I was so hopped up on caffeine I couldn't sleep.
  • keeled The sailboat would have overturned if not for the keeled hull design.
  • keened As the funeral procession passed by, the women keened in grief for their lost loved one.
  • keeper The keeper of the zoo is always on the lookout for new arrivals.
  • Kenned Kenned is a city in Louisiana.
  • kepler After he found Kepler's work, math became more accessible to him.
  • keyed I keyed in the wrong password and got locked out of my account.
  • keypad I entered my password on the keypad to unlock my phone.
  • kipper
  • Lapped The waves lapped against the shore as the sun set.
  • Leaped The frog leaped from one lily pad to the next.
  • lipped She carefully lipped the hot coffee, not wanting to burn her tongue.
  • lopped
  • Mapped The geologist mapped out the terrain to determine the best place to set up the drilling rig.
  • Mopped She mopped the spilled juice off the kitchen floor.
  • napped
  • Nipped My dog nipped at my heels when I ran around the yard.
  • Peeped She peeped around the corner to make sure no one was coming.
  • pepped I need to step up my caffeine game; I'm feeling a bit "pepped" today!
  • Pipped The jar of pickles was pipped.
  • Popped I accidentally popped the balloon with my sharp pencil.
  • Pupped
  • Rapped She got rapped on the head with a ruler.
  • Reaped After he reaped the wheat, he carried it to the barn.
  • ripped I was ripped off on the street.
  • Sapped I was going to sip my coffee, but she sapped it right before my lips.
  • seeped The coffee seeped through the filter and filled the pot below.
  • Sipped She sipped her coffee while reading the newspaper.
  • Skipped I skipped the ceremony.
  • Sopped
  • Supped Last night, we supped on a delicious feast of grilled chicken and roasted vegetables.
  • tapped I tapped on the door to see if anyone was home.
  • tipped I almost tipped over the glass of milk when I caught my foot on the edge of the rug.
  • topped She topped off her cappuccino with a dollop of whipped cream.
  • upped He upped his productivity by creating a schedule and sticking to it.
  • yapped The little dog yapped incessantly at the mailman.
  • yipped The little dog yipped excitedly when its owner walked through the door.
  • zapped The lightning zapped the tree, causing a loud crack and a shower of sparks.
  • zipped She zipped up her jacket to stay warm in the cold weather.

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