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How to spell KEW correctly?

If you're trying to spell "kew" and finding it incorrect, here are potential suggestions to correct the misspelling. The correct spelling could be "cue", "kiwi", "keg" or "knew". Always double-check spelling to ensure accuracy in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell kew correctly

  • dew The grass glistened with dew in the morning sunlight.
  • few I only have a few minutes to finish my work.
  • hew The lumberjack began to hew the tree with his ax.
  • jew
  • keg John brought a keg of beer to the party.
  • ken As an AI, I have the capability to have a vast ken of information on various topics.
  • key My car key is missing and I cannot start my vehicle without it.
  • Knew He knew that she was lying to him.
  • kw
  • Lew
  • mew The kitten let out a soft mew before curling up in my lap.
  • new I recently bought a new phone.
  • pew
  • sew She learned how to sew her own clothes during the quarantine.
  • skew
  • yew The yew tree was a common sight in medieval churchyards.

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