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How to spell KHADA correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling "khada", it is likely a typo or an incorrect version of the word "khaki". Other possible corrections include "khadi", which refers to a type of Indian hand-woven fabric or "kheda", a term used to describe an administrative subdivision in India.

List of suggestions on how to spell khada correctly

  • ADA The ADA requires businesses to make accommodations for individuals with disabilities.
  • CADA
  • CHAD Chad was excited to receive his new bicycle for his birthday.
  • CHADS The use of chads during the 2000 US presidential election created controversy and led to the development of new voting technology.
  • DADA Dada art was characterized by nonsensical, irrational, and antiaesthetic creations.
  • DHAKA The air quality in Dhaka has been a rising concern due to high levels of pollution.
  • GHANA Ghana is known for its rich culture, diverse wildlife, and beautiful beaches.
  • HAD I wish I had studied more for that exam.
  • HADAR Hadar is a popular star in the constellation of Centaurus.
  • HADN
  • HAHA I burst out laughing and shouted "HAHA" when I saw the funny meme my friend sent me.
  • HAIDA The Haida people have a rich cultural heritage, known for their totem poles, canoes, and weaving.
  • HARA
  • HAWA
  • JADA
  • KAABA The Kaaba is a cuboid-shaped building located in the center of the Great Mosque of Mecca.
  • KAMA
  • KANA Kana are the syllabic scripts used in Japanese writing.
  • KARA Kara is a town located in northern Togo.
  • KAYA Kaya is a popular Filipino breakfast spread made from coconut and egg yolks.
  • KHADIJA Khadija was such a gracious host, making sure everyone was comfortable and had enough to eat and drink.
  • KHAKI He wore a khaki jacket and pants to blend in with the desert surroundings.
  • KHAN Genghis Khan was a legendary conqueror of Central Asia.
  • KHANS The Mongol khans ruled an empire stretching from Asia to Europe.
  • KHAZAR The Khazar Empire was a powerful state that once existed between the 7th and 10th centuries AD.
  • KIARA Kiara is a Swahili name which means "small, dark thing" or "princess".
  • KINDA I don't really like spicy food, but I kinda like a little bit of heat sometimes.
  • KOALA The koala is a marsupial native to Australia known for its distinctive appearance and cuddly nature.
  • LHASA Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet and is known for its rich cultural heritage.
  • PRADA She wonders how anyone can afford to buy Prada on a regular basis.
  • RHODA Rhoda is a name that was popular in the 1950s and 60s.
  • SCADA The SCADA system is used to control and monitor the various processes in the manufacturing plant.
  • SHAD
  • SHADE The shade from the tree provided a welcome relief from the scorching sun.
  • SHADY The tree provided a nice, shady spot to rest.
  • SHAKA " Shaka, brah! That surf session was epic!"
  • SHANA Shana is a unique name that I have never heard before.
  • THAD
  • WADA WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is responsible for defining the rules and policies against doping in sports.

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