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How to spell KIDDLE correctly?

Possible correct spellings for "kiddle" could be "kettle", "kiddie" or "kiddo". However, without context or further information, it's difficult to determine the intended word or correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell kiddle correctly

  • addle
  • coddle I am going to coddle my sick dog by giving him his favorite treat and cuddling with him on the couch.
  • cuddle
  • diddle I didn't diddle with the scientific data; I only presented the findings accurately.
  • Diddler
  • diddly I don't know diddly about painting.
  • doddle She was deliberating over whether to doddle down to the store or take the longer way home.
  • fiddle I can't play the fiddle, but I can bust a move on the dance floor.
  • fiddler She had a fiddler on her hands.
  • fiddly I have a fiddly job of knitting.
  • fuddle
  • girdle My grandma used to wear a girdle under all of her dresses to keep everything tight and in place.
  • griddle She used the griddle to cook the pancakes.
  • huddle
  • idle He was idle, lying on the couch watching TV all day.
  • kibble My dog loved to eat kibble as his main source of food.
  • kidd I have a one-year-old niece named Kidd.
  • Kidded I kidded her about the party, but she knows I'm only joking.
  • Kidder It's Kidder-sburg time!
  • kiddie The kiddie pool is perfect for my little cousin.
  • kiddies I always bring my little kiddies to Maya's party.
  • kiddo Hey, do you have a kiddo?
  • kiddos I love spending time with my kiddos at the park on weekends.
  • kindle She enjoyed reading her Kindle on the train ride home.
  • kindly
  • meddle Please don't meddle in what isn't your business.
  • middle I was sitting in the middle seat of the airplane.
  • muddle I always seem to muddle up my words when I'm nervous.
  • noddle
  • paddle She used a paddle to row the boat across the lake.
  • peddle The street vendor would peddle his handmade jewelry to tourists.
  • piddle Do you want to see what I'm playing with in my piddle?
  • piddly I'm not too interested in these little games; they're just piddly.
  • puddle She fell into a puddle and got wet.
  • riddle Do you hear the Riddle of the Sphinx?
  • saddle He tightened the girth of the saddle before mounting his horse.
  • sidle Her gait was sinuous, her movements serpentine, a sidle towards him, a sidle away.
  • tiddler The little boy caught a tiddler in his fishing net.
  • tiddly I became a bit tiddly after having a few drinks at the party.
  • toddle Today I will toddle to the store.
  • waddle The penguin waddle to the edge of the ice floe before diving into the sea.

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