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How to spell KIDDLYNG correctly?

If you're finding it hard to spell "kiddlyng", don't worry, you're not alone. The correct alternative is "kindling". Remember, kindling refers to small, dry sticks used to start a fire. It's always helpful to double-check spellings to ensure your writing is accurate and clear.

List of suggestions on how to spell kiddlyng correctly

  • diddling He was caught diddling with the computer's settings, trying to fix the issue.
  • fiddling He spent the entire afternoon fiddling with the settings on his new camera.
  • kidding I was just kidding when I said I won the lottery.
  • kindling He gathered branches and twigs to use as kindling for the campfire.
  • middling The team's performance in the game was middling, neither exceptionally good nor disappointingly bad.
  • piddling I was frustrated with the piddling progress I made on my project.
  • riddling The detective spent hours riddling through the evidence to solve the mysterious murder case.

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