Correct spelling for KIDDNEY

We think the word kiddney is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for kiddney

  • giddy She was swung up with the giddy velocity of a hunter clearing a tall gate; she sank again, and there was a mighty concussion forward, then a pause of steadiness whilst you might have counted five, then a wild upward heave, a sort of sharp floating fall, a harsh grating along her keel and sides, as though she was being smartly warped over rocks, followed by an unmistakable free pitching and rolling motion.
  • hidden You doesn't want 'em, 'cos you have hidden 'em, and I should like to have 'em."
  • jitney The truck and jitney then started for Dandelion Camp, the happy givers picturing how delighted the scouts would be to receive the shower of furniture.
  • kidd "Keep your 'at well over your eyes," commanded Mr. Kidd, sternly.
  • kidnap It was all clear at last: they were criminals dressed up as women, to kidnap me!
  • kidney "I'll let you know that neither you nor any man of your kidney must venture to-" The Chair: "Order, gentlemen, order!
  • kine Then spake the meat-fetching woman and laughed withal: Nay, thou also lookest aloof a pretty deal; whereas what is now to do is to go milk the kine, and to take this guest with us, so that she may drink somewhat better than ewes' milk though the cider be not ready to hand.
  • kitten Lying is born in 'em, and they take to it as naturally as a kitten laps milk.
  • midden Fowls of the midden, new brought from other parts to make up the place of those that had gone to the kail-pots of Antrim and Athole, stalked about with heads high, foreign to this causied and gravelled country, clucking eagerly for meat I made my way amid the bird of the sea and the bird of the wood and common bird of the yard with a divided mind, seeing them with the eye for future recollection, but seeing them not Peats were at every close-mouth, at every door almost that was half-habitable, and fuel cut from the wood, and all about the thoroughfare was embarrassed.
  • ridden I have ridden post to tell you.
  • sidney Or was it that Sir Philip Sidney paid for the lock with his poem?
  • Bidden Isaiah did as he was bidden.
  • Kidded "Clever bird, this fellow, Knute," kidded Milt.
  • Kidding "Stop your kidding, Cart.
  • Kidneys Kidneys were in his mind as he moved about the kitchen softly, righting her breakfast things on the humpy tray.
  • Kidder Kid was short for "kidder," a term that as gone out recently in favour of "smoodger," and which implies a quality of suave and ingratiating cunning backed by ulterior motives.
  • Kinney For K, Kame, Kames, Kean, Key, Kinney, Knight.
  • kiddie Besides, there's the kiddie.
  • kiddies The little "red lemonade" kiddies are the first to greet us as we come into Fort Smith, and here everybody goes visiting.
  • kiddo "I'm with you, Kiddo," he said.
  • kinder I guess you got kinder tired afore."

82 words made from the letters kiddney

3 letter words made from kiddney:

din, ney, dye, ded, kyd, den, yen, ike, kid, kin, ken, die, ink, key, edd, end.

4 letter words made from kiddney:

dynk, enki, dink, kdnd, dedy, ided, yeni, denk, eddy, deyi, ekin, dyke, enik, yien, dyin, enid, kndd, inky, didn, kein, nike, dyen, endy, kiey, kyne, neid, keyi, kine, kidd, kynd, dyne, dein, nied, iyke, yike, dyed, didy, dine, kydd, dike, deny, diek, iken, diye, knie, kind.

5 letter words made from kiddney:

yiked, diyne, keddy, nided, yedid, denki, dinky, eddin, kiddy, kinde, dendi, dyken, dendy, dikey, yendi, dinde, kindy, dyked, indyk, kynde.

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