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How to spell KIDEY correctly?

If you happen to misspell "kidey", fear not! The correct word you might be searching for is "kidney". That's right, the organ responsible for filtering waste and toxins from our bodies. So, double-check your spelling, and remember to take care of your k-i-d-n-e-y-s!

List of suggestions on how to spell kidey correctly

  • aide The presidential candidate's aide handed him a cup of coffee before the rally.
  • bide
  • giddy The sight of his crush made him feel giddy with excitement.
  • Gide
  • hide The cat likes to hide under the bed when guests come over.
  • idea
  • key I lost the key to my car.
  • kid The kid rode his bike down the street with a huge smile on his face.
  • kidd
  • Kidded My mom kidded me when I spilled milk on my shirt.
  • Kidder The Kidder Corporation produces computer hardware and software.
  • kiddo "Hey kiddo, have you finished your homework yet?" asked the teacher to her young student.
  • kidney The doctor told me my kidney is malfunctioning.
  • kids Every year, the school takes the kids on a field trip to the zoo.
  • Kiel The town of Kiel is located on the Kiel Canal.
  • kiev
  • kinder I wish people were kinder to each other online.
  • kine I feel so kine now that I'm no longer on drugs.
  • Kinney John Kinney is the president of Kinney National Bank.
  • kite I love flying a kite at the park on a windy afternoon.
  • kited I kited my papers across the room with the draft from the window.
  • KITES I always fantasize about being chased by tigers while I'm on my kites.
  • kitty I love to snuggle with my kitty on the couch.
  • ride She offered to give me a ride home after the party.
  • side He always insisted on sitting on the right side of the car.
  • tide The tide is currently high.
  • tidy I always try to keep my work space tidy.
  • wide

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