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How to spell KIDNE correctly?

The correct spelling for "kidne" would be "kidney". It is important to double-check spelling errors before submitting any written work. When encountering such mistakes, utilizing spell-check software or referring to a dictionary can ensure accurate communication and professional presentation. Remember to proofread to avoid any inadvertent errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell kidne correctly

  • Diane Diane is my mother's name.
  • dine I love to dine in fancy restaurants with my friends.
  • Gide He wrote a book called "Salomon and Gide"
  • Kane John Winchester's greatest enemy is known as Kane.
  • kid I can't believe she just hit me with a kid.
  • kidd She kept her eyes focused on the kidd in the distance.
  • Kidded I was kidded by my best friend for going out with her ex-boyfriend.
  • Kidder I don't have any personal experiences with a Kidder.
  • kiddie I'm going to take my little kiddie to the zoo today.
  • kiddo Charlie is such a kiddo.
  • kidnap The criminals planned to kidnap the wealthy businessman's son in exchange for a large ransom.
  • kidney I have a kidney transplant coming up.
  • Kidneys The function of kidneys includes filtering waste products from the blood.
  • kids The kids were running around and having fun in the park.
  • kiln The potter's kiln is in the back yard.
  • kin
  • kind She was extremely kind to the new student, making her feel welcome and included.
  • kine His dad is a diplomatic figure and his mother is a kine.
  • king King Charles I was beheaded for treason.
  • Kinney Kinney is a street in Venice Beach that is popular with tourists.
  • kite I was flying my kite today.
  • kline
  • krone I exchanged my euros for krone when I arrived in Norway.
  • sidney Sidney was excited to visit the famous opera house in Sydney, Australia.
  • tine

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