How to spell KIDNY correctly?

We think the word kidny is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell kidny correctly

  • deny But there is one vision which no one can deny, and which each man who cares to look may see for himself.
  • din The din in the valley below them was increasing, a hurrying of wagons, horses and guns in the narrow road.
  • dine "If you want to know what my niece's answer is," said Madame Varnier, "you must dine with me."
  • ding Ach Herr, du Schoepfer aller Ding, Wie bist du worden so gering, Dass du da liegst auf duerrem Gras, Davon ein Rind und Esel ass?
  • dingy The carpet and rug were dingy, and decidedly the worse for wear; and the college had evidently neglected to paper the room or whitewash the ceiling for several generations.
  • giddy At the thought Chauvelin felt giddy and faint.
  • jitney A jitney stopped for them, and then zoomed out across the field toward the ship.
  • kid "Let them go, kid.
  • kidd It's named after a clump of pines supposed to be a kind of landmark for treasure buried by Captain Kidd.
  • kidnap To kidnap the Vicar of Chuntsey, in Essex.
  • kidney It is a colossal edifice with crystal roof, built in the shape of a huge pork kidney, containing forty thousand rooms.
  • kiln From that point downward all is chosen iron, Save that the right foot is of kiln-baked clay, And more he stands on that than on the other.
  • kin It might have been a carriage for her own kin!
  • kind Everybody was very kind, and did the best that could be done.
  • kinda "Dragonfly told him," and also I remembered right that minute that Dragonfly and Shorty Long had been kinda chummy last week and we had all worried for fear there was maybe going to be trouble in our own gang which there'd never been before, and all on account of the new fat guy who had moved into our neighborhood and had started coming to our school.
  • kine While the white man is doomed to hear the cackling of geese and the grunting of hogs, the lowing of kine and the bleating of sheep, and to watch over all and to tend all with the care and nursing which a mother bestows upon her helpless child, the red man with his arrows slung to his shoulder, and his mocassins tight-laced to his legs, escapes to the howl of the panther, and finds joy in the cry of the wolf.
  • king Away to the king!"
  • kitty Kitty, what's to pay?
  • sidney Sidney turned away a few paces.
  • tinny In another case, a faint sound was first taken for a bird singing, then for a distant locomotive whistle, and finally for what it was, the tinny noise of a piece of metal carried in the hand and brushing against the overcoat as the person walked; this series occupied not over five seconds.
  • tiny "I used to go there when I was a tiny child.
  • Kidding Who do you think you're kidding, anyway?"
  • Kidneys They had, of course, left off fighting long ago, one complaining that he had a disease of the kidneys, another that he suffered from some other complaint.
  • Dino 'Valdez,' said Dino, looking at him rather curiously, 'you must have been leading a very different sort of life before you came to Leghorn? You yourself must have been very different?'
  • Kenny Which of the young ladies is Mr. Terry sweet on, Mr. Kenny?
  • Ginny Denis Blackmore, American mathematician Edwin Gordon Blackmore (1837–1909), South Australian parliamentary secretary and horseman Elizabeth Blackmore (born 1987), Australian actress Emilie Blackmore Stapp (1876–1962), American childrens author and philanthropist Ernest Blackmore (1895–1955), English cricketer Frank Blackmore (1916–2008), British airman and traffic engineer George Blackmore (1908–1984), English cricketer George Blackmore Guild (1834–1917), American politician Ginny Blackmore (born 1986), New Zealand singer-songwriter Harold Blackmore (1904–1989), English footballer Hedley Blackmore (1901–1992), Australian rules footballer Hugh Enes Blackmore (1863–1945), British opera and concert singer Jake Blackmore (died 1964), Welsh rugby union player John Blackmore (fl.
  • Jinny It was Jinny again who broke it.
  • Kinney There were other people in the garage, Mr. Specter, like Mr. Kinney, I believe was there at the time, Special Agent Henry Rybka was the other person.
  • Dina Dina (without looking up from her work): But are there not many big things done there too?
  • kids Th' kids are thrivin', I dinnaw?
  • kiting New technology in place today may make most forms of cheque kiting and paper hanging a thing of the past.
  • kiddo Aw, come on, kiddo.
  • kinder She was a good woman and a kinder I never met.

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