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How to spell KINND correctly?

If someone misspells "kinnd", it could be because they meant to type "kind". Other possibilities include "kinds", "kin" or "kinny". Context and intended meaning are important in determining the correct suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell kinnd correctly

  • bind The book cover was so old, it began to bind together.
  • Binned I binned all of my old magazines to make room for the new ones.
  • Dinned I dinned on eggnog for breakfast this morning.
  • find I was eager to find my lost keys before leaving the house.
  • Finned Dolphins, whales, and porpoises are all finned creatures.
  • Ginned My aunt always drinks ginned tonic.
  • Ginny Ginny Weasley is a Hufflepuff.
  • hind The hunter aimed his gun towards the hind, gracefully grazing in the meadow.
  • Ind
  • Jinn
  • jinni The jinni granted three wishes to the lucky human who had freed it from the magic lamp.
  • Jinny I Saw Jinny And She Was Up To No Good
  • Kenned I have never kenned anyone with her level of kindness and generosity.
  • Kenny Kenny looked up from his book and saw Jennifer waving at him from across the room.
  • kid We are going to the kid's theme park.
  • kidd I found a doll on the footpath and I think it's a kidd.
  • kin My kin always comes together during the holidays to share a meal and catch up on each other's lives.
  • kind I was grateful for his kind gesture.
  • kinda I'm not sure if I want to go to the party tonight, I'm feeling kinda tired.
  • kinds You have many different kinds of candy.
  • kine Kine is an archaic term for cattle.
  • king The king is not happy.
  • kink My hair has a kink in it from sleeping on it weird last night.
  • Kinked The hose was kinked, preventing the water from flowing properly.
  • Kinney
  • lind I can't believe she cheated on me with Lind.
  • mind I cannot believe that she said that mind was a waste of time.
  • pinned pinned to a Economics essay
  • rind The rind of the orange is often discarded, but it can be used for various culinary purposes.
  • Sinned I sinned by telling a lie.
  • skinned The hunter had already skinned the deer by the time I arrived.
  • tinned I always keep a few tinned goods in my pantry in case of an emergency.
  • wind

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