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How to spell KISING correctly?

The correct spelling for "kising" may be "kissing". Other possible suggestions for this misspelling include "casing", "rising", "wising", and "kiting". It is important to use proper spelling to improve communication and prevent misunderstandings.

List of suggestions on how to spell kising correctly

  • Basing Basing your opinion on rumors and hearsay is not a wise decision.
  • Biasing The researcher made sure that the data collection process was strictly objective, and took measures to prevent biasing.
  • busing Busing students to school every day can be both time-consuming and expensive for school districts.
  • casing The detective carefully examined the bullet casing found at the crime scene.
  • Dicing She was busy dicing onions.
  • dosing The doctor instructed the patient on how to properly measure their medication dosing.
  • easing The doctor prescribed some exercises for easing the pain in my back.
  • fixing I am fixing my bike's flat tire.
  • Fusing The fusing of the two pieces created a brand new whole.
  • Gibing Despite his gibing tone, John actually enjoyed spending time with his brother.
  • giving She was giving away purple candy at the party.
  • hissing
  • hosing
  • icing Icing is used to make cake and other desserts look more attractive.
  • Jibing The boy was jibing at his sister's cooking skills.
  • jiving I couldn't help but start jiving when I heard my favorite song playing.
  • Keying He was keying in the security code to enter the building.
  • kicking The soccer player was kicking the ball with great force towards the opponent's goal.
  • Kidding
  • king The king wore a crown made of gold and precious stones.
  • kissing
  • kiting I always enjoy kiting when I'm at the park.
  • losing I am losing my patience with this difficult task.
  • missing There's something missing from this picture.
  • mixing I am mixing together the ingredients to make a cake.
  • musing I was musing on the life of a goddess when you interrupted me.
  • Noising My neighbor's dog is noising and disturbing my peaceful evening.
  • Nosing I was just nosing around until I found what I was looking for.
  • pissing I can smell my own pissing.
  • Poising She was poising herself on one foot, ready to kick the ball.
  • posing The model was skilled at posing for the camera in different angles and poses.
  • raising Raising the bar for excellence is essential if we want to achieve success.
  • rising The sun was no longer setting, but rising.
  • sing The little bird likes to sing a melody every morning.
  • sizing I need to check the sizing chart before ordering these shoes.
  • skiing I really enjoy skiing with my family.
  • using I used to play guitar using a fake guitar but now I play the real thing.
  • Vicing
  • Visaing I will be Visaing to Australia next month for a business trip.
  • wising I am wising up to the fact that studying regularly helps me perform better in exams.

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