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How to spell KIZZY correctly?

If you meant "kizzy", there are a few possible correct spellings depending on context. It could be "kissi" or "kisi", which are variations of a West African ethnic group. Alternatively, it could be a nickname for "Kizzy", which is typically spelled with a double "z."

List of suggestions on how to spell kizzy correctly

  • dizzy The spinning amusement ride made me feel incredibly dizzy.
  • fizz I could hear the fizz of the carbonated drink as I opened the can.
  • fizzy My drink was fizzy and sweet.
  • fuzzy The kitten's fur felt soft and fuzzy to the touch.
  • jazzy I love listening to jazzy music on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • kicky The girl's new high heels were so kicky, she felt like a celebrity walking down the street.
  • Kirby Kirby is an adorable little creature that can't wait to be your friend.
  • kitty I saw a cute little kitty playing in the garden.
  • Lizzy Lizzy was so excited to go on her first roller coaster at the amusement park.
  • muzzy I woke up feeling muzzy after only getting three hours of sleep.
  • pizza I like to order a pizza from time to time.
  • tizzy After getting a big bump on the head, Elaine was feeling a bit tizzy.

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