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How to spell KKEEP correctly?

If you've ever mistyped "kkeep" instead of "keep", don't worry! Auto-correct can play tricks on us. To avoid future blunders, here are some correct suggestions: "keep", "keeps", "kept" or "keeper". Remember, even the best of us make little typing errors, but it's always helpful to have alternatives handy!

List of suggestions on how to spell kkeep correctly

  • beep The microwave let out a loud beep to signal that my food was ready.
  • creep I saw a shadow on the wall and it made me feel like someone was trying to creep up on me.
  • deep
  • Heep
  • jeep My friends and I drove the jeep through the muddy terrain on our adventure trip.
  • keel
  • keen
  • keep I need to keep my phone charged so I don't miss any important calls or messages.
  • keeps She keeps her favorite book by her bedside.
  • kelp
  • Kemp
  • klee
  • peep The baby bird gave a soft peep when its mother returned with food.
  • seep The water started to seep through the cracks in the dam.
  • VEEP The Veep is the President's most trusted adviser.
  • weep She couldn't help but weep when she saw the love of her life disappear into the crowd.

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