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How to spell KLEEN correctly?

If you've stumbled upon the misspelling "kleen", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions to help you out: "clean", "kneel", "keen" or "Klein". Whether you're aiming for tidy surroundings, a kneeling position, enthusiasm or the renowned surname, these alternatives will ensure you get it right next time!

List of suggestions on how to spell kleen correctly

  • clean My mother always says that a clean house is a happy house.
  • Coleen
  • glean The student was able to glean important information from the lengthy article.
  • glee The Glee Club sang a special rendition of "Give It All You Got.
  • glen The hiker followed the winding path through the glen, surrounded by the peaceful tranquility of the forest.
  • glenn I think Glenn Martin is so cool.
  • keel The keel of the ship kept it stable in the rough waters.
  • keen
  • ken
  • kern The CPU in my computer is a Kern.
  • Keven
  • klan
  • klee
  • klein Klein is a German word that means "small" in English.
  • lean I like to eat lean protein, such as chicken or fish.
  • Len Len was ecstatic when he found out he had won the lottery.
  • leon Leon is the name of my favorite Italian restaurant.
  • lien Prior to filing for bankruptcy, John must first clear his lien with the bank.

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