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How to spell KLLED correctly?

If you meant to type "killed" and accidentally typed "klled", here are some correct suggestions. Make sure to proofread before sending any important texts or emails!

List of suggestions on how to spell klled correctly

  • allied The two countries joined together as allied forces to fight the common enemy.
  • balled
  • Belled The cow belled loudly as it wandered through the pasture.
  • billed Mary was billed $240 for the wedding.
  • Bled Her hand bled after she accidentally cut herself with a knife.
  • Bulled She was bulled on the school bus and refused to go to her house.
  • called She called her Grandma to tell her the news.
  • Celled A human body is made up of trillions of celled organisms.
  • clued
  • Culled The farmer culled the sickly cows from the herd to prevent the spread of disease.
  • dolled She dolled herself up for her big night out.
  • dulled The sound of the rain on the roof dulled the sharp edges of my anxiety.
  • felled
  • filled
  • Fled
  • Fulled
  • galled I can't believe you would galled me by leaving the dinner table so early.
  • gelled The pudding had gelled nicely after being refrigerated overnight.
  • glued I am glued to the computer screen.
  • Gulled I was completely gulled into believing their lies.
  • Hulled The farmer hulled the barley before grinding it into flour.
  • jelled The mixture jelled perfectly, providing a smooth texture.
  • kale
  • keeled The ship was so heavy that it keeled over to one side.
  • keller The keller is a beautiful old building.
  • Kelley I met Kelley at a bar.
  • Killed The hunter accidentally killed a bald eagle while hunting for game.
  • Kilted She had on a kilted skirt.
  • klee
  • Knelled The church bells knelled mournfully as the procession carried the casket out of the building.
  • Kyle
  • led He led the way into the dark forest.
  • lied She lied about her qualifications on her job application.
  • lld
  • Lolled She lolled around in her pajamas all day, binge-watching her favorite TV show.
  • Lulled The sound of the waves lulled me into a peaceful state of mind.
  • milled
  • Mulled I'm going to make some mulled wine to warm up before dinner.
  • Ogled
  • Palled I was palled when my partner told me about his new partner.
  • Pilled She noticed her sweater had pilled after only a few wears.
  • Polled The survey showed that 80% of those polled preferred the new restaurant to the old one.
  • pulled I was feeling a bit pulled and overwhelmed.
  • rolled After she rolled down her window, the breeze swept through her hair.
  • skilled The skills required for this job are very skilled.
  • sled I went sledding down the hill on my new sled.
  • tilled
  • Tolled She was tolled for not wearing a seat belt.
  • walled The ancient city was walled off from potential invaders.
  • Welled Tears welled up in her eyes as she read the heartfelt letter from her best friend.
  • Willed She willed herself to stay calm in the face of the unexpected news.
  • yelled I yelled for him, but he didn't hear me.

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