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How to spell KNEEE correctly?

If you find yourself often misspelling the word "kneee", here are a few suggestions to help you get it right. Remember, the correct spelling is "knee". Practice writing it out, say it aloud emphasizing the correct sound and use mnemonic devices like "a knee has two e's". With a little practice, you'll conquer this misspelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell kneee correctly

  • keen I am keen on going to the concert tonight.
  • knave The knave stole the queen's necklace during the ball.
  • knead You need to knead the dough for at least ten minutes in order to make it rise properly.
  • knee
  • Kneed I accidentally kneed my friend in the stomach while we were playing basketball.
  • kneel
  • knees She fell on her knees and began to sob.
  • knell The solemn knell of the church bell echoed through the village, signaling a time of mourning.
  • Knew I already knew the answer to the question.
  • knife I needed a sharp knife to cut the vegetables for the soup.
  • nee My last name was Johnson, nee Smith, before I got married.
  • need I need to go grocery shopping this afternoon.
  • sneer She gave me a cold, cynical sneer before walking away.

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