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How to spell KNIES correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "knies" could be "knees", meaning the joints between the upper and lower leg or "knives", referring to sharp utensils used for cutting. Other similar words that vary slightly in spelling but are not related in meaning include "knit", "knob", and "knack."

List of suggestions on how to spell knies correctly

  • Denies The suspect denies all accusations of having committed the crime.
  • genies In their spare time, the genies enjoyed seeking out new places to live.
  • Ines Ines is a Spanish name meaning "India.
  • knaves The three knaves plotted to cheat their friend out of his savings.
  • knee She fell down and hurt her knee.
  • kneels The athlete kneels down to tie his shoelaces before the game.
  • knees She scraped her knees when she fell off her bike.
  • Knew
  • knife I want to cut the apple with my knife.
  • knifes She carefully washed the knifes before putting them away in the drawer.
  • knish I always order my knish at the Jewish deli.
  • knishes New Yorkers sometimes order knishes from a food truck.
  • Knits My grandmother knits a sweater for me every Christmas.
  • Knives He always keeps a set of knives in the kitchen.
  • knows
  • monies Ms. Moneybags is always counting her monies.
  • NIBS I prefer my chocolate with nibs for a little crunch.
  • NINES She was dressed to the nines for her high school prom.
  • nips I always like to wear my nips low-cut so men can see them clearly.
  • nits "She spent hours combing through her child's hair to remove all the nits.
  • Noes The noes outweighed the ayes in the vote.
  • Ones Ones should always strive to be kind to others.
  • Ponies My daughter loves to ride her ponies at the local stable.
  • UNIS
  • Zanies

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