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How to spell KNOTES correctly?

The correct spelling for "knotes" could be "notes" or "keynotes". "Notes" is a common term for written records or reminders, while "keynotes" refer to the main or highlight points of a speech or presentation.

List of suggestions on how to spell knotes correctly

  • Anodes The anodes are the metal rods within the battery that are charged.
  • Antes Antes de irme de vacaciones, tengo que terminar mi trabajo.
  • COTES I didn't know what cotes were, but now I'm intrigued.
  • denotes The word "denotes" is used to describe something that clearly indicates or points to something else.
  • DOTES I have to wear my DOTES all the time.
  • keynotes
  • KITES I always enjoy going to the mall with my girlfriends and going shopping for new kites.
  • knees She bent her knees and sank her teeth into his Achilles tendon.
  • Knits She knits sweaters for all her family members during the winter.
  • knobs He turned the knobs on the stove and began cooking dinner.
  • knot
  • knots I tied knots in the rope to make a swing for the children.
  • knotted
  • knotty The knotty rope was difficult to untangle.
  • Knowles Joan knew Kenneth Knowles was a criminal.
  • knows
  • MOTES The sunbeam filtered through the dusty room, revealing tiny motes dancing in the light.
  • NODES The nodes are the key to the network.
  • Noes
  • Noses The clowns had bright red noses painted on their faces.
  • note I left a note on the fridge for my housemates.
  • noted She noted down all the important points from the meeting.
  • notes She took notes during the meeting.
  • noyes
  • TOTES I TOTES need a beer.
  • unites The tragedy in the community unites everyone in grief and support for one another.

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