Correct spelling for KNREW

We think the word knrew is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for knrew

  • New(Definition of new)
  • Got tired of new york?

  • Knee(Definition of knee)
  • A book in his hand and a child on his knee meant happiness for him."

    Is the dimple on my knee. But supposing I am losing When the judges are a-choosing - What will my poor future be?

    – Dimple on My Knee by Unknown Author
  • Keri
  • In 2015, jo-anne mcarthur (we animals) and keri cronin (department of visual arts, brock university), launched the unbound project, a multimedia and book project that celebrates the women who have been at the forefront of animal advocacy around the globe.

  • Nrc
  • Narrow(Definition of narrow)
  • I knew we must have had a narrow escape.

  • Crew(Definition of crew)
  • He was having the same trouble facing the reality as the ship's crew.

  • Kr(Definition of kr)
  • 1681, emperor at salzburg set the reichs thaler 96 kr.

  • Nerd(Definition of nerd)
  • Glossary of broken dreams can be considered a loose follow-up of grenzfurthners first documentary feature traceroute, but expanding his critique of capitalist (nerd) culture.

  • Nra
  • Norw
  • Korea
  • But when he had passed by pella and scythopolis and had come to korea, he heard that aristobulus had fled to alexandrium, which was a stronghold fortified with the greatest magnificence, and situated upon a high mountain, and he sent to him and commanded him to come down.

  • Now(Definition of now)
  • Nearer(Definition of nearer)
  • And you are coming nearer to it?

  • Brew(Definition of brew)
  • There was a short silence, during which mrs, glynde sought to propitiate her angered spouse with sodden toast and a second brew of tea.

  • Know(Definition of know)
  • I think you know lord dungory.

    A walk all up hill is apt, we know, To make one, however robust, puff and blow,

    – 'Look at The Clock!' : Patty Morgan The Milkmaid's Story by Richard Harris Barham
  • Threw(Definition of Threw)
  • Raw(Definition of raw)
  • News(Definition of news)
  • The news of what?

  • Wnw
  • Snare(Definition of snare)
  • Nary(Definition of nary)
  • "shucks! miss, stick it in yer sock; them fellers has nerve enough to hold up a train an' kill any feller that puts up a fight, but nary one o' them has nerve enough to go into a woman's sock after her bank roll!"

  • Nr
  • Grew(Definition of Grew)
  • It grew dark at once.

  • Nw
  • Kneel(Definition of kneel)
  • I, too, would kneel at that tomb.

    i got a hundred fresh disciples learning how to kneel what i an't got they beg, borrow, steal

    – 100 Fresh Disciples by Machine Gun Fellatio
  • Nora
  • Nora shook her head.

  • Noe
  • They did eat and drink, they married wives and were given in marriage, until the day that noe entered into the ark and the flood came and destroyed them all.

  • Inure(Definition of inure)
  • They wore furs but seldom; and in order to inure themselves to the coldness of their climate, they expose their new born infants, the fourth day after birth, naked under the sky-light, which they then open to allow the snow to fall upon them; for it snowed almost continually during the whole winter that quirini and his people were there, from the 5th of february to the 14th of may. in consequence of this treatment, the boys are so inured to the cold, and become so hardy, that they do not mind it in the least.

  • Neh
  • Iii. 10; 2 tim. i. 3: rev. vii. 15; neh. i. 6; psal.

  • Kerr
  • "kenneth, king, kerr-" none of them appealed to him.

  • Row(Definition of row)
  • Knew(Definition of Knew)
  • If we knew all, we would forgive all.

  • Kn
  • 459th troop carrier squadron (later 459th tactical airlift squadron): 1 jan 1967 – 1 mar 1972 (c-7a tail code: ke; call sign ellis) stationed at phu cat air base, viet nam 535th troop carrier squadron (later 535th tactical airlift squadron): 1 jan 1967 – 24 jan 1972 (c-7a tail code: kh; call sign tong) (detached to tactical group, provisional, 6483d, 15 mar 1969 – 30 jun 1970) stationed at vung tau airfield 1 jan 1967 – 21 jun 1970 536th troop carrier (later tactical airlift) squadron: 1 jan 1967 – 15 oct 1971 (c-7a tail code: kl; call sign iris) (detached to tactical group, provisional, 6483d, 15 mar 1969 – 30 jun 1970) stationed at vung tau airfield 1 jan 1967 - ca 1 jul 1970 537th troop carrier (later tactical airlift) squadron: 1 jan 1967 – 31 aug 1971(c-7a tail code: kn; soul) stationed at phu cat air base, viet nam royal australian air force, transport flight vietnam / 35 squadron (dhc-4 call sign: wallaby) jul 1964 - feb 1972 stationed at vung tau airfield, viet nam support units 6466th usaf hospital: ca.

  • Renew(Definition of renew)
  • Fluidic
  • Circumstances are fluidic and impressionable, and take on any form that the mental power has achieved sufficient strength to stamp, and because of this-which is the explanation of the outward phenomena whose significance, on the spiritual side, is all condensed in prayer-one need never despond or despair.

  • Nero(Definition of nero)
  • I'm going to exercise nero.

  • Nee(Definition of nee)
  • At the time of prince george's ascension, there was also living the late king albert's widow, queen caroline, nee princess of wasa, since dead.

  • Nae
  • Nae, hae patience, and let me speak.

  • Newt(Definition of newt)
  • In her inmost heart she hoped it was abel newt who had saved them.

  • Nerf
  • These consist of ammunition holders or attachments that enhance the functional or aesthetic elements of nerf blasters, as well as some super soaker blasters.

  • Knees
  • He had scarcely finished when i was on my knees before him.

  • Genre(Definition of genre)
  • The 'camp', then, with its eleven-hundred verses, is to be regarded as a military genre-picture, elaborated for its own sake into an independent piece.

  • Shrew(Definition of shrew)
  • Ne(Definition of ne)
  • Je ne crois pas.

  • Re(Definition of re)
  • Drew(Definition of drew)
  • He drew back at once.

  • Snore(Definition of snore)
  • Wren(Definition of wren)
  • Kneed(Definition of Kneed)
  • His long, thin legs, about which the baggy trousers draped in ungraceful folds, were slightly knock-kneed and terminated in large, flat feet.

11 words made from the letters knrew

3 letter words made from knrew:

wen, ken, ern, new.

4 letter words made from knrew:

kern, krew, ernk, renk, wnek, newk, wren.