What is the correct spelling for KOBO?

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Correct spelling for KOBO

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Possible correct spellings for kobo

  • bob Mr. Boyd shook his head and said Bob would never finish paying.
  • boo Every day now he learned something new; first to say, "Wee," for Willie; then to hide his tiny head behind a handkerchief, as Margie did when she played peep a-boo with him.
  • boob That Boob Aheera could have dared to lay such a cause as his before the Diamond Idol Ali had not conceived, yet as he drew near to the golden shrine in the palms, that none that come by the great ships ever found, he began to see more clearly in his mind that this was where Boob had gone on that hot night.
  • bubo "Ignarres bubo dirum mortalibus omen," said Ovid; whilst speaking of the fatal prognostications of the crow Virgil wrote:
  • cob We turned back upon our tracks, when the cob refused to carry his rider any farther, and tried to lie down.
  • cobol For example, if the main target program is written in COBOL but calls assembly language subroutines and PL/1 subroutines, the debugger may have to dynamically switch modes to accommodate the changes in language as they occur.
  • coco What you tink um like, Coco?
  • coho Coho Salmon Are Native South of San Francisco Bay: A Reexamination of North American Coho Salmons Southern Range Limit".
  • combo 1952 — Awarded Fifth Place in a nationwide contest for the best college dance band Spring 1956 — "The Five Front Combo," an 8-member group (directed by Gene Hall) from the Lab Bands, appeared on NBCs Steve Allen "Tonight" show broadcast from Fort Worth Nov 23, 1958, 7 to 7:30 PM — In the pre-FM Radio days, the Lab Band, under the direction of Gene Hall performed the region’s first live stereo broadcast (from Fort Worth), using two microphones, one to KFJZ-TV (Channel 11) and one to KFJZ radio 1270 AM.
  • coo She's as easy guidit as a coo gaein' hame at nicht, only ye maun jist lat her ken that ye're there, ye ken.
  • fob He held out the little watch-fob charm, the compass set in a nut and she seized it eagerly.
  • gob There was a grand invitation for byeth great and sma'- Her subjects assembled, did loudly hurra!- She was nobly supported by bauld Dolly Raw, At the crowning of honest aud Euphy; But Ralphy the Hawk was in prey for a job, Wiv his small quarter-staff, wish'd to silence the mob- He was silenc'd when he gat the beer-barrel tiv his gob, At the crowning of honest aud Euphy.
  • gobi Even the very sparrows which fight in the gutters for garbage are less lively than London sparrows usually are; as for the children who sit about the doorsteps, they look as if the grass, the trees, the flowers, and the sunlight of the adjacent Kensington Gardens were as far away as the Desert of Gobi.
  • gobs Then he thought of the men they had so unexpectedly left behind; of the Doctor who depended upon him, and of the gobs who had served under him, a boy, so faithfully.
  • goo No ses I, I’ll goo to the divil afore I be gwine to ax mither.
  • hob Who, think you, I have been hob-nobbing with this last half hour?
  • job This is our job.
  • kayo Kayo Dot/Bloody Panda Split (2006) Pheromone LP (2007) Summon LP (2009) Summon: Invocation LP (2011)
  • kb An Anomaly", a 2007 song by It Prevails from the album The Inspiration "The Anomaly", a 2011 song by Scar Symmetry from the album The Unseen Empire "Anomaly", a 2012 song by KB from the album Weight & Glory
  • keno Cool and clean and silk-shirted and freshly shaved, the contrast was sharp between him and the men sprawled on their beds or sitting listlessly around the table playing keno.
  • kilo On one of the corners of Main Street stood the Kilo Hotel, and before it Eliph' checked the slow gait of Irontail.
  • knob The tears ran down the father's face and splashed on his hands, trembling as they folded over the knob of his stout stick.
  • ko (2) By the prefix Ko, signifying "Little"; -as in the names, Ko-en, "Little Charm"; Ko-hana, "Little Flower"; Kozakura, "Little Cherry-Tree".
  • koch The animals used by Koch are animals very subject to tubercle.
  • kohl The blue tattoo marks on their brown cheeks and foreheads, which in forgotten times had been Christian crosses, gave great value to their enormous, kohl-encircled eyes; and their teeth were very white as they smiled boldly, yet proudly, at Stephen and Nevill.
  • kola Most of them appear to prefer a lime to an orange, a plantain to a banana, or a kola nut to a sweet mango, but in captivity they acquire a taste for sweet foods of all kinds.
  • kook Locals have nicknamed Magic Carpet Ride as The Cardiff Kook, a pejorative name popularized by the local surfing community.
  • lob When the howl of the hound comes over the hill, At twelve o'clock when the night is ill, And the thunder mutters and forests sob, And the fox-fire glows like the lamp of a Lob; And under the willows, that gloom and glance, The will-o'-the-wisps hold a devils' dance; They say that that crime is re-acted again, And each cranny and chink of the mill doth wink With the light o' hell or the lightning's blink, And a woman's shrieks come wild through the rain: When the howl of the hound comes over the hill, That murder returns to the rotting mill.
  • lobe His face went solemn with his effort, and I felt a twinge in my ear lobe.
  • mob Mocking cries arose from the mob.
  • nob Drink to heavy Ignorance Hob and nob with brother Death!
  • ob Ob haec in Publilium vertit favorem ...
  • obi For the remainder he wore pale-rose pajamas under a silk-and-silver kimona, an obi pierced with a jewelled scarf-pin; and he was smoking a cigarette as thin as a straw.
  • oboe The needful in all haste! In the score of the Symphony which I sent you (it is the ninth with choruses), there stands, as far as I remember, in the first oboe in the 242nd bar,-
  • rob When shall it be, Rob?"
  • robe After throwing over his shoulders his robe-de-chambre Mr. Bennett asked, "Where do you think Livingstone is?"
  • toby Beside him there crouched a woman with a faded, pretty face, and between Toby and the rest of the room there stood a box in which lay a baby with large, wakeful eyes.
  • yob Catharsis ( Yob album), a 2003 album by Yob Catharsis (Machine Head album), 2018 Songs "Catharsis", a song by Anthrax from Volume 8: The Threat Is Real "Catharsis", a song by Pitchshifter from Industrial "Catharsis", a song by Versailles from Jubilee
  • yobbo
  • koan Snow Blossom (Chinese: 大寒桃花开) is a 2014 Chinese romance film directed by Koan Hui.
  • KGB State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus (KDB or KGB) Bosnia and Herzegovina: Intelligence-Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Brunei: Internal Security Department (Brunei) Canada: Canadian Security Intelligence Service, successor of RCMP Security Service China: Ministry of State Security (China) Croatia: Military Security and Intelligence Agency (Croatian: Vojna sigurnosno-obavještajna agencija or VSOA or VSA) East Germany (former): Stasi Estonia: Estonian Internal Security Service (KAPO) European Union: European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA, originally European Network and Information Security Agency) France: functions divided between Police nationale, Gendarmerie nationale, and Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur Germany: Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Germany) India: Intelligence Bureau (India) Ireland: Directorate of Military Intelligence (Ireland) Special Detective Unit, formerly the Special Branch and before that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Israel: Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency (ISA)) and others: see Israeli Intelligence Community Japan: Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA) Malaysia: Royal Malaysian Police Special Branch New Zealand: New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Norway: Norwegian Police Security Service Oman: Internal Security Service Pakistan: Inter-Services Intelligence - ISI Intelligence Bureau (Pakistan) Federal Investigation Agency Poland: Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego Portugal: Sistema de Informações da República Portuguesa (SIRP) former: PIDE, or Polícia Internacional e de Defesa do Estado Russia: Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), successor of Federal Counterintelligence Service (FSK), successor of KGB Main Intelligence Directorate (Russia) Serbia: Military Security Agency (BIA) (Serbian: Безбедносно-информативна агенција, БИА / Bezbednosno-informativna agencija, BIA) Singapore: Internal Security Department (Singapore) Slovenia: Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency Somalia: National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) (Somali: Hayada Sirdoonka iyo Nabadsugida) Soviet Union (former): Cheka State Political Directorate (GPU) People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) which became Ministry for Internal Affairs (MVD) Peoples Commissariat for State Security (NKGB) which became Ministry for State Security (MGB) SMERSH KGB, Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (Russian: Комите́т госуда́рственной безопа́сности (КГБ) South Africa: State Security Agency (South Africa) Spain: Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI) Sweden: Swedish Security Service (Säkerhetspolisen) Ukraine: Security Service of Ukraine United Kingdom (all the following agencies have security and security intelligence functions): MI5 (also known as the Security Service) MI6 (also known as the Secret intelligence Service) Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) United States (all the following agencies have security and security intelligence functions): Central Security Service Federal Bureau of Investigation National Security Agency Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Cobb A young fellow, named Cobb, who lost his leg later in the war, was standing guard early in his military career.
  • Como By peering through at the twin Photographs and working it like a Slide Trombone, one could get ravishing glimpses of Trafalgar Square, Lake Como, and the Birthplace of Bobby Burns.
  • Kano KANO, one of the most important provinces of the British protectorate of Northern Nigeria.
  • Kory Karen Chapman, English retired badminton player Keith Chapman (born 1958), British childrens author and creator of Bob the Builder Keith Chapman (organist) (1945–1989), American organist Kelvin Chapman (born 1956), American baseball player Kevin Chapman, American actor Kory Chapman (born 1980), American football player Kyle Chapman (born 1971), New Zealand director of the NZNF (New Zealand National Front)
  • Kobe Leaving Kobe on the evening of the 8th, by the Peninsular and Oriental steamer Ancona, we arrived here at seven this evening.
  • jobs He did not like these put-up jobs.
  • HBO In the HBO series Deadwood, a character refers to the debt owed to blacks because of slavery as an "albatross around the white mans neck.
  • COLO From excellent clay which is found abundantly in Chili, they made pots, plates, cups, and large jars to hold their fermented liquors, baking these vessels in holes or ovens made in the declivities of hills; and they even used a kind of mineral earth called colo, for varnishing these vessels.
  • BO On the ruins of Moscow I will compel Alexander to submit, and then peace will bo restored to Europe for years to come.
  • IBO Archibald Macleod, Bairnsdales First Citizen Agnes Mein, the first colonist child born at Bairnsdale Bill Wannan, author of Australian folklore Callum Chambers, West Coast Eagles and Carlton AFL footballer Lock Crowther, Australian multihull sailboat designer Cameron White, Australian cricketer Charlotte McShane, Scottish-born triathlete and the 2013 U23 ITU World Triathlon Champion David Williamson, playwright Bishop Michael McKenna, Bishop of Bathurst diocese, studied with Pope Benedict in Rome Edward Jones, the worlds first celebrity stalker Hal Porter, author Henry Goodenough, Bairnsdale Sergeant of police and Eureka Rebellion spy Jon Ballantyne, AFL footballer and The Phonse Kyne Award winner 1994 Jonathon Kendall, Win news presenter Kat Stewart, actress Sir Lance Townsend, gynaecologist and obstetrician Leigh Hobbs, childrens author and illustrator Thomas Jackson and Rosanna Kelly, first wedding in Bairnsdale—28 April 1845 Tom Alvin, Carlton AFL footballer Terry Bourke, Filmmaker, director and writer Will Tomlinson, Professional boxer and IBO Super-featherweight World Champion
  • DOB However, since 2007 the State has allowed the DOB to refuse to accept plans filed by individuals who have been found to abuse the Self Certification process (or other regulations).
  • KARO Karo (official spelling: KARO) is a German brand of filterless cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Altria.
  • COBS Here we were entertained to a luncheon of boiled green maize cobs, and several varieties of delicious fruits.
  • sob For still day after day a shadow fell upon her, and the Brook looking up beheld the lovely but mournful face of the sorrowing sister, who would sit upon the mossy bank and sigh a sob; kissing a lock of golden hair the while.

6 words made from the letters kobo

4 letter words made from kobo:

koob, book, boko, kobo.

3 letter words made from kobo:

kob, boo.

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