How to spell KUILD correctly?

We think the word kuild is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell kuild correctly

  • build He was sure he could make a living easily enough, he felt he could build up a new life for himself over a new name.
  • coiled The fire crackled faintly; the smell crept out like incense; the lines of smoke coiled upwards, and seemed to draw the tree-stems with them.
  • cold "We're used to cold water, remember?
  • could This could not be."
  • cult And "the constant and avowed purpose of all this campaign was the triumph of French music, and its cult."
  • curled Sarah's lips curled with scorn.
  • geld For the manors at Chesterton the total tax assessed was nine geld.
  • gild Rising from the midst of tumble-down dwellings might stand a magnificent cathedral, town-hall, or gild building.
  • gilt I staid and dined by her, and after dinner walked forth, and by water to the Temple, and in Fleet Street bought me a little sword, with gilt handle, cost 23s.
  • gold I was doing my hair at the looking-glass, when Cousin E. E. came in, looking like a queen; her blue silk dress was all spotted with gold flowers, and it streamed out half across my bedroom.
  • gould Inhabits South Australia, Mr. Gould.
  • guild A lesser guild, the Leathersellers, absorbed the Glovers, Pursers, and Pouchmakers.
  • guilder The chart below details the issues of Dutch guilder banknotes from 1950 to 2002, as well as the subjects featured.
  • guile But full of craft and guile was that false foe.
  • guilt It is for this reason that the mere fact of arrest is to most people a conviction of guilt.
  • guilty By this time I had begun to feel guilty and uneasy.
  • jailed Irving W. Ziegaus, secretary to Governor Lister, testified that the letter concerning Everett sent from the Seattle I. W. W. had been received; Steven M. Fowler identified certain telegrams sent from Everett to Seattle officials by David Clough on November 5th; after which Chester Micklin, who had been jailed in Everett following the tragedy, corroborated parts of the story of Louis Skaroff.
  • jilt hate me, laugh at me, jilt me-but let me live!
  • keeled Another shell, bursting in mid-air not fifty yards away, rocked Nissr, keeled her to port, and for a moment sent her staggering down.
  • kid A nice, clean kid-just like my own boy was.
  • kidd "That we do not know," replied Kidd, mournfully, gazing downward at the wreck of his former self.
  • kiln The kiln must be fired before the vase is glazed, and the Acropolis was not crowned with marble in a day.
  • kilo On December 29th we moved forward again to Kilo 139, near Abu Feleifil.
  • kilt "It's thrue for you, Barney," said the good-natured Dan; "and as Mr. Fred couldn't well be turning an owld servant like me off the place av he didn't keep up the chariot, I wish it mayn't be the Counsellor's luck to be first kilt, for he's as good a man as iver trod."
  • kind "Very kind of you, I am sure," Crawshay murmured.
  • mild He gazed at her with mild, unillumined eyes.
  • quid Quid nugaris, inquit, amice?
  • quill Quill and the others looked blank, but Mike narrowed his eyes imperceptibly.
  • quilt She had tossed about all night, and now was lying partly raised on a pile of embroidered, gold-edged pillows, under an enormous, stiff, heavy quilt, gorgeous with heraldic colours and devices, her pale cheeks flushed with fever, her breath catching painfully, and with a terrible short cough, murmuring strange words about her sisters, and about cruel tongues.
  • wild 10 Then thus the Spirit spoke: 'It is a wild and miserable world!
  • Gulled The Englishman values good sense above almost all qualities; by a sensible man he means a man with a clear judgment of right and wrong, a man who is not taken in by pretences nor gulled by rhetoric; a man who can instinctively see what is important and what is unimportant.
  • Killed What if he had killed the woman!
  • Kurd And that he gave to the Kurdish chief, and the Kurd rode away with his men, not looking once back at the hostages he had left with us, but making a great show of guarding Gooja Singh, who rode unarmed in the center of a group of horsemen.
  • Culled Subsequently he enclosed a bloom of edelweiss culled on the heights, as he said, in my honour.
  • Gilda " Gilda!" came in a loud, kindly voice from the other side of the door.
  • quailed The boy's rage was so terrifying that even this hardened lawbreaker quailed before it.
  • guilds The guilds met frequently in their drinking halls and drew up regulations for the management of their trade.

List of 19 words made from the word kuild

3 letter words made from kuild:

ilk, lid, iud, kid, kui, dkl.

4 letter words made from kuild:

idlu, idul, kild, kudi, liku, duli, luik, kuli, kiul, luki, ludi.

5 letter words made from kuild:

likud, kidul.

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