How to spell KYILE correctly?

We think the word kyile is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell kyile correctly

  • coil Coil yourself up comfortably, Chris, and I'll fire away."
  • cole Cole gave him five pounds on account.
  • gale This spring they blew a gale.
  • gila The Crow's village is about thirty miles north of the Gila.
  • gill Looking through the pages he found the recipe he wanted and said: "I must have a gill of water from a dark well."
  • guile "Where a sword can naught avail, craft and guile must find a way," returned Roger.
  • jail "And later he has to work-in jail.
  • jailer I was just puzzling about these things when the door opened and the jailer hurriedly came to tell me the time allowed for my visit was up.
  • kale He's got all kinds of kale-'n' he don't fool with dinks.
  • kali But he must have loved her very dearly, for he erected to her this beautiful memorial, which should hand down to generations yet unborn the name of Anar Kali.
  • keel Then, when the boat's keel slid into the sand, it was a mad rush for the best supper boys ever ate.
  • keller I told her of meeting Keller on the steamer and Maxwell in New York.
  • keyhole The young lady had narrowly escaped being caught in a most suspicious attitude, namely, that of bending down with her eye to the keyhole.
  • kibble In this application, the Kibble balance will function in the reverse sense to the Ampere balance: it will be used to weigh the International Prototype Kilogram, defining the kilogram in terms of an electric current and a voltage.
  • kilo per kilo., if the pure toxic principle free from albumen and diluting impurities be considered.
  • klee The year before, Klee had produced another camel painting in oils entitled "Two Camels and a donkey" (1919).
  • kohl Arangbar seemed not to notice the tear that stained the kohl beneath one eye.
  • kola On Friday, February 21, the General, his staff officer, and the writer disembarked from the S. S. Kola at Mandvi, in the Gulf of Cutch.
  • krill Examples of collective animal behavior include: Flocking birds Herding ungulates Shoaling and schooling fish Swarming Antarctic krill Pods of dolphins Marching locusts Nest building ants
  • yale She graduated from Yale University.
  • yalu I found a yalu in the garden.
  • yell A shout could be heard coming from the other room.
  • yule
  • Jill Jill and I soon got acquainted with him and this was another uncanny thing.
  • Karl 276. Hagemann, Dr. Karl.
  • Kyle For he is heir apparent of stuttering Kyle Perry, who has holdings in the mines.
  • Gail Poor Gail's minus an escort, cried Polly, a shade of regret in her eyes, for Gail meant a great deal to this little sister.
  • Gayle In the churchyard: William Forman, mayor, 1538; James Mumford, esquire, surgeon to King Henry VIII., buried 1544; Thomas Gayle, haberdasher, 1340; Nicholas Wilford, merchant-tailor, and Elizabeth his wife, about the year 1551; Edward Heyward, 1573, etc. Roger Delakere founded a chantry there.
  • Kayla Blunt is known for starring as Kayla in the Radio Disney series My Dream, which is described by The Hollywood Reporter as "a contemporary story on a format reminiscent of the 1940s, before TV was pervasive.
  • Kaye "It's rather early for such a visitor as you," Mr. Kaye said, after a few commonplaces.
  • Kelley My foreman, Ed Kelley.
  • Gil Then Don Valerian Miranda and the old rascal Don Prospero shall cease to trouble the dreams of Gil Uraga."
  • Kellie Alloa Park, the seat of the earl of Mar and Kellie, is in the immediate vicinity, and in its grounds stand the ruins of Alloa Tower, an ancient structure 89 ft. high, with walls 11 ft. thick, which was built about 1315, and was once the residence of the powerful family of Erskine, descendants of the earl of Mar. The earl who promoted the Jacobite rising in 1715 was born here.
  • Kiel The revolution began in the German fleet at Kiel, where the sailors mutinied and hoisted the red flag.
  • KL ↑ Bardy GH, Lee KL, Mark DB, Poole JE, Packer DL, Boineau R, Domanski M, Troutman C, Anderson J, Johnson G, McNulty SE, Clapp-Channing N, Davidson-Ray LD, Fraulo ES, Fishbein DP, Luceri RM, Ip JH; Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure Trial (SCD-HeFT) Investigators.

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