How to spell LACTO correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "lacto", there are a couple of possible correct suggestions to consider. "Lactose", referring to the sugar found in milk or "lactic", relating to lactic acid produced during fermentation, could be the intended words. Double-check the context for the accurate term.

List of suggestions on how to spell lacto correctly

  • act She had to act quickly to stop the vase from falling off the table.
  • actor
  • Cacti I saw a beautiful arrangement of cacti at the garden center.
  • Cato After Cicero's death, Cato became one of Rome's most famous advocates.
  • fact After we talked, I felt more informed about the fact that he had lied to me.
  • factor One major factor that contributed to the success of the project was the dedicated team.
  • JATO The JATO system was used to propel the aircraft during takeoff.
  • lac The lac coating on the furniture gave it a shiny and luxurious look.
  • laced I laced my shoes to make sure they would fit.
  • lack The lack of funds prevented us from completing the project.
  • lacks She lacks confidence in her abilities.
  • lactic The yogurt was sour and lactic because of the bacteria in the milk.
  • lactose Many people are intolerant to lactose and have to avoid dairy products.
  • laity The laity members provide a strong backbone to the church community with their active participation in various activities.
  • largo The orchestra played the largo movement with great passion and emotion.
  • last This is the last piece of cake.
  • lat I lied to my mom about where I was going tonight - I was going to meet up with Lat at the bar.
  • late I arrived late to my own surprise party.
  • latte
  • lento The conductor instructed the orchestra to play the next movement lento, with a slow and deliberate tempo.
  • loco The train driver was hailed as a hero for preventing a potential disaster after he spotted a loco engine on the tracks ahead.
  • lotto I'm feeling lucky tonight, I'm going to play the lotto.
  • pact If you break our pact, we'll tell everyone what a screw-up you are.
  • recto I took the recto of the book.
  • tact She managed to handle the situation with an impressive amount of tact.

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