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How to spell LADIED correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "ladied" instead of "ladies" and want to rectify it, here are a few suitable alternatives. You could write "women", "girls" or simply "females". Remember to review your text for accuracy to ensure your intended message is effectively conveyed.

List of suggestions on how to spell ladied correctly

  • bladed The farmer used a bladed tool to cut through the thick brush.
  • Died My uncle died three years ago.
  • laddie "Come here, laddie, and lend me a hand!
  • lade She used a bucket to lade water from the well.
  • laded She laded up the bags full of groceries and headed towards her car.
  • Ladies Please treat the ladies with respect.
  • Ladled She ladled the soup into a bowl and served it to the guests.
  • laid I laid down on the blanket and watched the clouds pass by.
  • laird He was the laird of the village.
  • landed
  • Larded Grandma larded the turkey with butter before putting it in the oven.
  • Lauded The lauded author was praised by her peers.
  • leaded The gasoline was leaded, making it unsuitable for modern cars.
  • lidded She lidded her eyes and whispered a prayer for deliverance.
  • lied
  • loaded He loaded the car with his suitcases before starting the long drive.

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