Correct spelling for LAERNT

We think the word laernt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for laernt

  • Learned
  • "it is getting on toward their lunch hour, and they want to crowd into my front office to find out what you've learned.

  • Land
  • On these rounded off banks or bergs of forest land, youranigh drew my attention to large, old, waterworn, trunks of trees, which he showed me had been deposited there by floods.

  • Allfired
  • And es for dick butler; he's too allfired pompous an' domineerin' for anybody to live with, anyhow.

  • Laden
  • At dusk of a day within that week a trapper brought word of a hundred canoes on the river a day's journey up-country, laden with packs of winter beaver, and bound for the post.

  • Lento
  • Alien’s lair" - 3:33 "the beast within" - 3:12 "visit to the wreckage" - 2:05 "bait and chase (extended version) " - 4:56 cd 2 the film score (continued) "it’s started" - 3:36 "more bait and chase" - 2:21 "trap the alien / dillon’s deliverance" - 2:04 "gotcha / hello, i must be going" - 2:29 "adagio" - 4:18 alternates "the cremation (alternate) " - 4:34 "you can still have a life (alternate) " - 4:04 "20th century fox trademarks / alien version" - 1:15 the original 1992 mca album (remastered) "agnus dei" - 4:29 "bait and chase" - 4:42 "the beast within" - 3:10 "lento" - 5:49 "candles in the wind" - 3:21 "wreckage and rape" - 2:44 "the first attack" - 4:20 "lullaby elegy" - 3:41 "death dance" - 2:17 "visit to the wreckage" - 2:04 "explosion and aftermath" - 2:21 "the dragon" - 3:07 "the entrapment" - 3:42 "adagio" - 4:16

  • Leann
  • 2 hit from 1975, "american pie" from the movie the next best thing and the second being the title track from her new, chart-topping album, music, giving her ten uk chart toppers in total and leann rimes, who hit the top of the uk charts with "cant fight the moonlight", featured in the movie coyote ugly.

  • Lend
  • Lend me your knife, dad."

  • Latent
  • Instinct told her that terry was holding himself in; that some latent fierceness and iron force in him had emerged into life; and that he meant to have revenge on constantine jopp one way or another, and that soon; for she had heard the rumor flying through the hall that her cousin was the cause of the practical joke just played.

  • Lint
  • A half-used roll of antiseptic lint lay on the floor; the fumes of the disinfectants and of the ansthetic still hung on the air.

  • Learns
  • And how shall i look, if i go and give her a false name, and then she comes to bayne and learns my right one?

  • Learn
  • We must learn to do without them....

  • Talent
  • It is this bump which gives him his great talent of dancing and using his feet as nimbly as a human being.

  • Later
  • This was later on, in the winter time, however.

  • Leaned
  • The girl leaned her elbows on the bar and her chin in her hands, and answered with a tantalising little laugh: "who-me?"

  • Learner
  • But a long and involved paragraph, with several obsolete words and obscure satire, is a tangle which it is almost hopeless to unravel satisfactorily, when you are dealing with a language so unlike in construction and modes of expression to that of the learner.

  • Lent
  • With the warm-heartedness for which vaudevillians are famous, nearly everyone whose aid i asked lent assistance gladly.

  • Lents
  • Tandis que tristement sur ce globe qui balance, j'appercois a pas lents la mort qui s'avance; le francois emporte par de legers desirs, ne voit sur ce cadran qu'un circle de plaisirs.

  • Lantern
  • What are you doing out here with a lantern?"

  • Lat
  • She maunna lat it pass.

  • Rent
  • Their rent would then become due, and madame tube, owing to her long illness, had been unable to earn anything towards it.

  • Lan
  • "mos' grif, mos' grif! what did god a'mighty gib yoh all dis lan' an' houses an' money fo'? what he gib yoh my mis' katherine fo'?'cause he know yoh gwine ter be good an' kine, an'-an' dat yoh gwine ter be good ter us! mos' grif, de good lawd ain't fo'got we alls des kase we black!"

  • Len
  • Don't look so shocked, len.

  • Lander
  • Mrs. atwell showered other questions and exclamations on the girl, who explained how she happened to be there, and said that she supposed she must stay where she was for fear mr. lander should come back and find her gone; but mrs. atwell overruled her with the fact that mrs. lander's breakfast had just gone up to her; and she made her come out and see the new features of the enlarged house-keeping.

  • Laurent
  • Let lieutenant laurent see the men in their bivouacs at night under the stars, and witness their prowess under arms, ces animaux would soon become mes enfants.

  • Let
  • Let us talk and talk about dickon.

  • Lament
  • "it is good," replied the emperor, replying to himself, as the foam of his fury began to pass; "you will understand, decres, that i am not angry, but only lament that i have such a set of fools.

  • Lean
  • I have learned to lean on my own soul, and not look elsewhere for the reeds that a wind can break."

  • Slant
  • The pung was now so far away that the backs of the men were presented to him; and between them, projecting at a slant over the seat, were the curved tops of a pair of crutches.

  • Lamont
  • He did not mind that as he was a good swimmer, and apparently, mr. lamont was too far gone to give any dangerous death grip.

  • Plant
  • Hard to heat, but i put an electric-light plant in the cellar.

107 words made from the letters laernt

3 letter words made from laernt:

ent, ate, ert, lea, let, ter, rat, ant, ern, are, enl, ten, ler, rna, lat, ret, ane, tea, tar, lan, art, eta, net, eat, ale, ear, era, alt, tan.

5 letter words made from laernt:

larne, later, antle, ratel, ertan, lanre, letra, earnt, atler, lenat, neral, netra, letna, artel, ralte, taler, ntare, tarle, renta, trela, lerna, arent, erlan, terna, anter, laner, renal, alter, retal, learn, laten, naret, alert.

4 letter words made from laernt:

6 letter words made from laernt:

antler, rental, altner, letran, rantel, larten, ternal, lenart.