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How to spell LAGAL correctly?

"Legal" is the probable word you meant to say instead of "lagal". This common typo can be rectified by checking spelling before sharing important content. To avoid confusion and ensure the accurate conveyance of legal matters, it is advisable to proofread and use spell-check tools.

List of suggestions on how to spell lagal correctly

  • algal The water in the pond turned green due to the proliferation of algal blooms.
  • bagel
  • fugal The fugal passage in the composition showcased the composer's skill in polyphonic writing.
  • gal I'm going to the gal theater.
  • label Please label the cans of paint.
  • labial The labial consonants are pronounced with the lips rounded.
  • lag There is a significant lag in the computer's performance due to the outdated hardware.
  • lager
  • lagos
  • lags My internet connection lags behind everytime I try to stream something.
  • lapel When I wear my new outfit, I'll need to add a lapel to my shirt.
  • larval One can distinguish the larval stages of insects by their different colored markings.
  • Laval
  • legal It is important to make sure that any actions taken are legal to avoid penalties or consequences.
  • legals
  • local I'm local, so I know the good spots.
  • logan The seat of Logan County was named after Simon Kenton.
  • loyal She was loyal to her friends and the company she worked for.
  • regal She wore a regal gown to the coronation.

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