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How to spell LAGHF correctly?

The correct spelling for "laghf" is most likely "laugh". This error could have been caused by a typing mistake, autocorrect or a lack of attention to detail. Other possible suggestions for this misspelling could be "laughed" or "laughs", depending on the context of the sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell laghf correctly

  • lag The game began to lag due to the poor internet connection.
  • lager I'll have a cold lager with my burger.
  • lash She gave him a stern look and threatened to lash him if he didn't finish his work on time.
  • lath The carpenter used a lath to create a support structure for the ceiling.
  • lathe
  • laugh
  • laughs She always laughs when watching comedies.
  • light The sun set and the glow of the light faded.

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