Correct spelling for LAIDIES

We think the word laidies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for laidies

  • aides A son of M. Lagrenee, formerly director of the French Academy at Rome, had been one of Pichegru's aides de camp.
  • laddie "Don't I know, laddie?
  • Dailies "The big dailies do not appreciate us.
  • Ladies Ah, my boy, you don't know what it is to have the ladies fancy you.
  • lauds Brother George sternly bade Brother Simon be quiet; but when the Brethren sat in choir to sing Lauds and Prime, they saw that Brother Anselm's stall was empty, and those who had heard Brother Simon's clamour feared that something terrible had happened.
  • larders But there is this difference;-the food you consume does come out of the larders, but the books you read never come out of the libraries."
  • lads Two other lads, who had been with the men on the pier, ran to meet him.
  • ladles They are afterwards cut up in large pieces, and boiled whole in a good quantity of water, from the surface of which the fat is collected with large ladles.
  • lairds There was the recently created baronet, whose "bloody hand" had apparently wiped out the stains of his earlier Radicalism, and whose former provincial self-righteousness had been supplanted by an equally provincial skepticism; there was his wife, who through all the difficulties of her changed position had kept the stalwart virtues of the Scotch bourgeoisie, and was-"decent"; there were the two native lairds that reminded him of "parts of speech," one being distinctly alluded to as a definite article, and the other being "of" something, and apparently governed always by that possessive case.
  • LIDS Through my half-shut lids I perceived the door opened.
  • ladders By the active kindness of the padrecito and his brother, the new alcalde Segunda, two men were brought to us who were considered most familiar with the place, and they said that it would be impossible to enter it except by employing several men one or two days in making ladders, and, at all events, they said it would be useless to attempt the descent after the sun had crossed the meridian; and to this all our friends and counsellors, who knew nothing about it, assented.
  • lodes
  • lards If gently falls the small, soft, lazy rain, To indoor industries he shrewdly steals; And in the barn from some neglected grain The choking chaff the clattering fanner reels; Or in the shed the sapling ash he peels For handles for the fork with humor blithe, Or haply lards the tumbril's heavy wheels, Or of the harness oils the leather lithe, Or turns the tuneless stone and grinds the gleaming scythe.
  • laddies "And Graeme feels a motherly interest in all Scottish laddies, however unworthy they may be," said Harry.
  • lades Sthenelus aloof he slew; Aloof the two Imbracidae lay dead, Glaucus and Lades, of the Lycian crew, Both armed alike, whom Imbracus had bred To fight, or on swift steeds the flying winds to head.

137 words made from the letters laidies

3 letter words made from laidies:

dia, dle, asl, als, lii, led, das, sle, ida, dal, ali, des, lie, ail, lsd, dis, lea, ale, lei, die, eld, ies, lid, sea, aid, sad, lad, ade.

5 letter words made from laidies:

diles, ideal, leads, salii, sadli, saeid, saiid, isaie, elisi, laidi, eilds, lades, alesi, eisai, salei, slied, siled, sedai, sedia, dalei, idles, daise, saied, deils, laids, diels, ailes, iliad, aides, daiei, aside, isled, delai, delas, saili, slide, saedi, eliad, liadi, sield, dials, sidle, aisle, aliis, deals, siida, seida, seidl, desai, aidil, dales, sidel, slaid, aldie, alids, silda, laide, alide, adili, adeli, salie, sidea.

4 letter words made from laidies:

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