How to spell LAIDOFF correctly?

We think the word laidoff is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell laidoff correctly

  • caitiff "Yet," came the somewhat dubious observation, "even Arthur's table had its caitiff knights, if you remember."
  • cardiff It was while he was on a visit to this much-boasted-of craft that he came across Shorty at a fair outside Cardiff.
  • doff And she, having dismounted from her horse, said: "My lord, before thou strikest, doff thine opperst-kleed of the colour of corn, for the blood of virgins gushes fiercely, and if mine should stain thee I should be grieved."
  • duff Why, most of 'em aboard here, and glad to get the duff-been begging before that, some of 'em.
  • lad Nelatu, lad, I once did you a sarvice."
  • lade She caught it on a fly with both hands, as I lade down on the floor to convince my wife I was in earnest in what I said.
  • ladoga The water of Ladoga is very pure and cold; in May the surface temperature does not exceed 36 deg. Fahr., and even in August it reaches only 50 deg. and 53 deg., the average yearly temperature of the air at Valamo being 36.8 deg. The lake begins to freeze in October, but it is only about the end of December that it is frozen in its deeper parts; and it remains ice-bound until the end of March, though broad icefields continue to float in the middle of the lake until broken up by gales.
  • lady The lady was the vicar's daughter; her name was Violetta.
  • laid-off The plan may pay benefits to employees, their dependents, or their designated beneficiaries, or to disabled, laid-off, or retired former employees.
  • laird What in mercy can hae come o' the laird, think ye, my leddy?
  • lard Ah, dismal, heavy day, a day of Grief and Woe, Which hast bereft me of my hopes for ay, Ah, Lard, ah what shall I do?
  • laud It was mortifying to patriotic pride, and we should laud the republic for manifesting a proper sensibility.
  • layoff On March 27, 2007, Harmony Airways announced that it had issued layoff notices to all staff, and that it was ending scheduled flight service on April 9, 2007.
  • lid But during the city's days of trial the military lid was clamped and riveted.
  • lido Mary ended her stay in Venice by a visit to the Opera, and joined a party, by invitation, to accompany the Austrian Archduke to the Lido on his departure.
  • lief
  • life LIFE is short, but it's worth living.
  • lifo I have to go soon, my lifo is about to expire.
  • lift I needed to help my elderly neighbor lift his heavy suitcase.
  • liftoff A liftoff rocket took researchers closer to their destination.
  • loft The loft is a great place to store your belongings.
  • ludo
  • luff It's hard to keep your luff in the water when you are surfing.
  • tiff I need to calm down before my tiff with Kate escalates.
  • toff My sister's new boyfriend is a real toff.
  • Waldorf I was staying at the Waldorf Astoria.
  • DIFF Air 64.1 64.7 63.7 62.7 61.0 60.7 60.5 60.2 59.8 D.P. 61.7 64.0 61.5 61.1 59.5 59.4 59.5 59.2 59.1 Diff.
  • laid The proposition of Mr. MEREDITH was laid on the table without objection.

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