How to spell LAKEW correctly?

We think the word lakew is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell lakew correctly

  • bake Bake for three-quarters of an hour, turn out and serve.
  • blake I'll work it out with Joe Blake.
  • cake "Well, when you are ready to open your cake shop, come to Chicago!...
  • fake In those days men would often rush ashore, after restless nights passed on board ship in wakeful anticipation, catch up half a dozen handfuls of earth, and finding nothing, cry, "I told you it was all a fake," and re-embark on the first steamer for San Francisco.
  • flake The snow falls on the Alps flake by flake, and day after day, and month after month, and after a while, at the touch of a traveler's foot, the avalanche slides down upon the villages with terrific crash and thunder.
  • hake Chaske took after the one on the right, Hake the one on the left.
  • lac The whole of the lac is of the kind known as stick lac.
  • lace "The lace-work," he heard her say: "I have been saving- from the beginning-" "For this?"
  • lack I call it an "idea" for lack of a better name.
  • lackey A lackey was standing there.
  • lade I need to plug my laptop in, but I can't find the outlet.
  • lag
  • lager Do you want a lager?
  • lake We visited the lake on our walk.
  • lame I didn't catch that ball because it was just so lame.
  • lane I prefer to stay in the lane.
  • large
  • larger I need a larger bowl to mix the batter in.
  • lark
  • late Please be late for our meeting.
  • lave
  • law The law required him to appear in court.
  • laze The sun was lazily casting its lavish light across the landscape.
  • leak The small hole in the roof is a leak.
  • leakey Heather was sure that Garrett could have taken the necklace, since he had been in the room right before she had left it
  • leaky
  • leek Sauteed leeks with butter served over rice.
  • leg I need a new leg due to the accident.
  • like
  • liked I liked the new book by the author I read last year.
  • liken I liken this experience to a roller coaster ride.
  • locke Locke argued that people could only hold property by right of occupation.
  • locker My locker's combination is six dots, two circles, and a square.
  • loge I went to the loge to watch the play.
  • loki After he had been chained to a wall for a week, Loki decided to find a way to escape.
  • looker I always look forward to seeing her at the university.
  • luge The athletes were carrying the luge on their backs to the track
  • luke He was Luke Skywalker, the only son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.
  • lurker While I lurked in the shadows, I overheard them discussing my past.
  • make
  • rake I need to rake up all of these leaves on the ground.
  • sake I always enjoy a nice sake at the end of a sumptuous Japanese meal.
  • skew
  • slake The sun was slaking its thirst for days on end.
  • take
  • wake
  • Lacked He lacked the ability to get along with others.
  • Larked
  • Leaked The leaked document discussed the company's plan to release a new product early.
  • Lew
  • Jake
  • likes
  • lakes I love spending time spent on the lakes.
  • LASE After experiencing the turbulence of life for the twentieth time, Ashley's best friend recommends a three-month regimen of laser therapy to
  • LAUE The sun is shining and the LAUE smells lovely.

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  • crudity
  • crusty
  • curiosity
  • curious
  • curiously
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