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How to spell LANDE correctly?

The misspelling "lande" can be corrected to "land" by removing the unnecessary extra 'e.' Alternatively, it can also be changed to "lend" if the intended meaning was to borrow or loan something. These simple corrections ensure better clarity and accuracy in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell lande correctly

  • bland The food was so bland that even adding salt and pepper wouldn't help.
  • blander The alternative recipe was considered blander than the original.
  • eland
  • gland Another name for the gland is the "pituitary".
  • lad He was just a lad.
  • lade I helped my mom lade the groceries into the car.
  • laden The camel was heavily laden with supplies for the desert journey.
  • lan Americans use the word "lan" to refer to a local area network, such as a wired or wireless network used to connect
  • lance I the lance with all my might.
  • Lanced He was lanced by the dragon and survived.
  • land
  • landau After lunch, we took the landau to the park.
  • landed We landed safely in Milwaukee.
  • lander I'm not a lander.
  • lands
  • lane Do you want to go for a walk in the lane?
  • launder I need to launder my clothes before I can pack them for my trip.
  • leander Leander was a great swimmer in ancient Greek mythology who swam across the Hellespont every night to be with his beloved Hero.
  • lend I'll lend you my car.
  • lender She used a lender to get a loan for her new house.
  • lind
  • Linda
  • lindy Lindy hopping is a popular dance move.
  • luanda
  • Lynda There's a Lynda Goldman who's a computer teacher and writer.
  • slander My parents always tell me not to slander my classmates.

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