Correct spelling for LANGUE

We think the word langue is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for langue

  • flange The blubber is placed in an annular vessel, A. The oil from it passes through a pipe, B, and spreads out on the surface of a plate, C, with a containing flange; d d are raised points which serve as heat conductors; e e is a tin chimney for flame with air holes at its base.
  • lance With that, in a rage, the knight struck Peredur a violent blow between the neck and the shoulder with the butt-end of his lance.
  • lane In their thoughts they regard it, instinctively, as the lane that leads straight to the tomb.
  • langley Experiments to solve this problem were begun several years ago by Professor S. P. Langley, of the Smithsonian Institution, under government supervision, and pointed the way to other investigators.
  • language I gave her the word, which belonged to no language that I know of, and the marchioness was quite thunderstruck.
  • languid Eve, that morning, seemed more gentle and languid than ever, rather pale too, with an expression of sorrowful anxiety in the depths of her beautiful eyes.
  • languor My hair appears to distil an inward fever and a deadly languor through my skull; I know who clutched my hair at that ball."
  • lank Belle Vue Terrace stared out of lank glass panes without reserve, unashamed of its yellow complexion.
  • lanky He towered above O'Toole, lanky and smooth skinned.
  • large Corry withdrew his arm as he spoke, and held up in triumph a very large, fat, white rabbit.
  • league And it might be long before the League would catch the Bearnese; but, meantime, he could render slight assistance to Queen Elizabeth.
  • linage
  • long
  • longer
  • longueur
  • lounge
  • lung
  • lunge
  • mange
  • range
  • Lang I hae been ower lang connectit wi' them, for I hae carriet the buiks for fifteen year, ever since my faither racket himsel' howkin' the grave o' yer predecessor, honest man, an' I hae leeved a' my days juist ower the wa' frae the kirk."
  • Angie I'll never forget that stub-tail dog of Angie Nixon's going around with a blue bow stickin' straight up behind him, and lookin' as though he'd lost something and got dizzy looking for it.
  • LNG

113 words made from the letters langue

3 letter words made from langue:

age, ale, aug, lug, gun, ane, leg, gel, lea, gen, gnu, leu, lag, ngu, nag, gal, enl, lan, anu.

5 letter words made from langue:

lenau, guale, angul, ngael, ungal, luena, nugal, leuna, gulan, lagun, augen, agnel, lenga, laune, angle, lange, galen, gelan, agnle, angel, lunae, glane, luang, gaule, ulnae, lunge, elang, genal, glean, legan, lunga, algun, lagen, neagu, angue.

4 letter words made from langue:

geun, gnel, gaen, lnge, glen, anlu, luna, lean, ague, luen, gual, gnal, egna, ngau, guen, glan, lung, ngae, glau, gnau, geul, genu, nuel, lane, unal, guan, gale, ugle, anle, ulna, ganu, gael, gean, eglu, eang, gaun, alne, luga, unge, lagu, glue, lena, lega, elua, elan, gaul, nega, gelu, nagl, gula, uale, luge.

6 letter words made from langue:

lagune, langue, genual, lengua, ngalue, leguan, ulenga.

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