Correct spelling for LANGUICH

We think the word languich is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for languich

  • Langmuir
  • Measurement of gas/solid adsorption equilibriums volumetric method volumetric method was used in the early days of adsorption studies by langmuir, dubinin and others.

  • Languid(Definition of languid)
  • As the young man's own interest in the topic seemed languid, he decided against this course and frankly told him that he wanted to talk with him.

  • Languish(Definition of languish)
  • The motor ambulances languish in inactivity on cockerill's wharf.

  • Largish
  • The moment was just enough to show him that there were four largish volumes of the diary-that it concerned the years about 1710, and that there seemed to be a good many insertions in it of various kinds.

  • Longish(Definition of longish)
  • Long fingers, longish, thin feet.

  • Anguish(Definition of anguish)
  • She had forgot her anguish, in an impulse toward the weakness in the man.

  • Languished
  • Penrod slumped far down in the pew with his knees against the back of that in front, and he also languished to one side, so that the people sitting behind were afforded a view of him consisting of a little hair and one bored ear.

  • Launch(Definition of launch)
  • I observed that the launch next to ours drew off and we advanced alone, while the other two remained well behind, ready to support.

  • Languor(Definition of languor)
  • After the scene with his wife he had been assailed by a terrible languor, an almost irresistible desire to lie down and close his eyes, but he could not yield to it, he had something to do.

  • Languishes
  • When the beech languishes, and the development of its branches is less vigorous and its crown less spreading, it becomes unable to resist the encroachments of the fir.

  • Lungfish(Definition of lungfish)
  • Vertebrates present in the wahweap formation at the time of acristavus included freshwater fish, bowfins, abundant rays and sharks, turtles like compsemys, crocodilians, and lungfish.

278 words made from the letters languich

5 letter words made from languich:

ghani, clang, lagun, chain, gilan, uhlig, gahli, chuna, ahing, hailu, laugh, cahul, ganci, hiung, laing, gliha, ginch, nihal, lanci, huina, chian, cilan, cunha, luang, lugia, cuing, nauch, gunia, unagi, cahun, igual, laich, algin, algic, ilhan, linac, nicha, gulai, cihan, ugali, inula, chula, ungal, ganic, aulin, chaul, gulia, hanil, lunca, culin, hiang, chali, ghica, ngilu, auchi, ilang, ligan, lunga, hinau, ghali, cauli, glina, lachi, laigh, chuai, align, algun, gulin, naghi, lauch, hangi, hugin, hulin, chail, ghlin, gulhi, laghi, gachi, luach, hunga, cling, angul, ulich, langi, lucha, huila, chuan, gauch, gulan, hagin, chuni, aling, halin, nucha, chlna, nugal, iaugh, lungi, linha, glahn, nachi, acing, lunch, galuh, lihua, luchi, ulica, halic, cilag, aigun, laghu, iunch, anhui, gulch, ahlin, uncal, nihau, lucin, gauci, hangu, china, cagni, clain, iancu, luhan, ulchi, iglau, ailun, luing, chang.

4 letter words made from languich:

glia, ilah, chug, anil, gaul, haul, gach, lahn, hing, inhg, lnah, gila, huic, lung, hanc, ilna, nagl, huai, unal, hang, nigh, ulna, auch, ngau, cgnu, haug, cing, huni, cain, laic, hula, gnau, chin, luga, ngah, caul, gaun, haun, anhu, ling, hilu, lahu, liau, lihn, gnal, gual, hung, ugni, luin, luna, ulia, guil, guia, cali, ghil, lagi, ainu, luch, huna, gain, inch, glan, hail, iglu, nicu, chig, ughi, chui, ganu, glau, inca, glih, caiu, gihn, ical, lagu, inga, guan, nail, anlu, huan, cahl, ugli, hani, ghia, cung, nagi, chua, aiul, huia, gahn, inul, clan, alih, canh, ghul, ulin, huli, luhn, hugi, cual, gula, ilha, cuan, clun, agni, guhn, guli, ghan.

3 letter words made from languich:

gun, ani, hag, ngu, nag, ali, cli, lin, uca, unh, gca, nil, gal, icu, lug, can, chi, ain, lac, gui, gin, inh, uni, hin, gnu, cul, lah, iga, lag, hcg, hun, aug, hug, cia, nig, lan, ail, anu, han.