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How to spell LANWE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "lanwe" could be "lane", "lawyer", "land", "lawn" or "language". It is important to carefully consider the context and intended meaning in order to choose the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell lanwe correctly

  • lan I need to call my parents on the lan.
  • Lana Our Lana is the best in the business.
  • lanai We sat on the lanai watching the sun set.
  • lance I have a lance that I'll wield like a boss.
  • lancer In the French army, the lancer was a soldier who used a javelin to attack his opponents from a distance.
  • land The land is flat and dry.
  • lander
  • lane
  • LANES The lanes on this highway are poorly maintained.
  • Lang
  • lank The lank hair of the girl fell down her back like a tangled mess.
  • lanky He was a lanky teenager with a bit of awkwardness in his movements.
  • Lanny Lanny is a nice guy.
  • lawn My family had a picnic on the green lawn in the park.
  • Leanne Leanne is working on her project that is due tomorrow.
  • line
  • loewe The Loewe store is a popular choice for luxury shoppers.
  • lone The hiker set out on the trail alone, determined to reach the summit as a lone adventurer.
  • Lowe He and his wife, Lowe, have four kids.
  • lunge The swimmer took a lunge into the pool.
  • Lynne She is Lynne's sister.

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