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How to spell LARGBONED correctly?

If you've been looking for the correct spelling of "largboned" but haven't had any luck, fret not! The accurate term is "large-boned", highlighting someone's sturdy or naturally robust bone structure. So, ditch the erroneous "largboned" and opt for the precise way to describe a person's skeletal build.

List of suggestions on how to spell largboned correctly

  • bare-boned The small studio apartment was furnished with only the bare-boned essentials: a bed, a table, and a chair.
  • bargained The shopkeeper bargained with the customer and agreed to lower the price of the item.
  • burgeoned The team's popularity burgeoned after they won the championship.
  • Carbone Carbone is a professional chef who is known for his innovative culinary creations.
  • cartooned The artist cartooned the politician's exaggerated facial features in the satirical drawing.
  • clarioned The trumpets clarioned as the victorious king entered the city.
  • dragooned The captain dragooned the crew into working extra hours to meet the deadline.
  • harbored He harbored feelings of resentment towards his former boss for years.
  • harpooned The fisherman harpooned a massive whale in the open sea.
  • jawboned He jawboned his colleagues into supporting his idea.
  • labored She labored over the math problem for hours before finally finding the solution.
  • lampooned The movie cleverly lampooned the politics and corruption of the corporate world.
  • larboard The captain ordered the crew to turn the ship towards the larboard side to avoid the approaching iceberg.
  • lazybones My sister is such a lazybones, she never does her chores.
  • margined The essay should be double-spaced and margined on all sides.
  • marooned After their ship sank, the sailors were left marooned on a deserted island.
  • pardoned The governor pardoned the prisoner, allowing them to start a new life.
  • rawboned The cowboy had a rugged, rawboned appearance that perfectly matched his tough demeanor.

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