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How to spell LAS correctly?

If you've mistyped "las" and need the correct spelling, you may have intended to write "last", "lass" or "labs". "Last" refers to the final position, "lass" means a young girl, and "labs" refers to laboratory or testing facilities. Double-check your context to determine the appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell las correctly

  • alas Alas, I have lost my phone.
  • as
  • gas The gas ran out while I was in the middle of cooking dinner.
  • Has She has already completed her homework.
  • la
  • lab The lab was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for conducting scientific experiments.
  • LABS The new employee is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the labs.
  • lac The lac coating on the wood table made it shiny and smooth.
  • lad The lad was excited to start his new job at the local supermarket.
  • lads
  • lag The internet connection was too slow, causing a significant lag in the online gaming experience.
  • lags The game lags whenever I play it on my old computer.
  • lam The sheep had a soft lam.
  • LAMS
  • lan The new software update has improved the speed and stability of the LAN connection.
  • lao
  • laos
  • lap The dog jumped up onto my lap and snuggled in for a nap.
  • LAPS She completed 10 laps around the pool, feeling accomplished and strong.
  • Lars Lars went to the grocery store to buy some milk.
  • LASE The surgeon used a laser to lase through the tissue.
  • lash
  • lass I don't know what type of lass you are looking for.
  • last Your last chance to come back is at midnight.
  • lat
  • lats I couldn't do a pull-up because my lats were too weak.
  • lav
  • LAVS
  • law
  • laws Laws are necessary to maintain order in society.
  • lax The security at the airport was very lax, and I didn't feel very safe.
  • lay
  • lays He lays his book aside and turns off the light before going to bed.
  • LBS I need to lose 10 LBS before my wedding.
  • LEAS
  • Les I know him as Les.
  • LS LS is not an abbreviation for anything.
  • MAS I can't attend the party because I don't have masquerade (MAS) attire.
  • oas
  • pas
  • Was I was about to leave for work when I realized my tie was missing.

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