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How to spell LASCK correctly?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "lasck", chances are you meant "lack". This word signifies the absence or insufficiency of something. Double-check your spelling next time, and you won't have to worry about suggesting alternatives. Remember, spellcheckers can be handy tools!

List of suggestions on how to spell lasck correctly

  • ask I always ask for extra cheese on my pizza.
  • bask I love to bask in the sunshine on a warm summer afternoon.
  • cask The brewery filled the cask with their famous IPA.
  • flask He filled his flask with coffee before heading out on the hike.
  • lac The lac coatings provide a quality finish to wooden furniture.
  • lace The bride's dress was adorned with intricate lace patterns.
  • lack I can't brush my teeth because I lack toothpaste.
  • lacks The report lacks sufficient evidence to support the claim.
  • lacy
  • lank The tall man had lank hair that fell in greasy strands over his forehead.
  • lark
  • LASE
  • laser I need to get a laser to cut through that fabric.
  • lass My niece is a lovely lass.
  • lassa
  • lasso The lasso was around his waist.
  • last
  • lick The dog will lick your face if you give him a treat.
  • lock
  • luck I wish you luck on your exam today!
  • MASC
  • mask I'm going to wear a mask to avoid doing any of the work.
  • sack I packed my sack with groceries.
  • SASK The SASK Hotel is located in downtown Saskatoon.
  • slack I need to tighten the slack in the rope before we can start pulling the heavy logs.
  • task

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