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How to spell LASPE correctly?

If you meant to write "lapse" but accidentally typed "laspe", here are some correct suggestions: "lapse", "lease", "laser", "lapel", "let's", "leap" or "last". Double-checking spellings helps avoid confusion and ensures accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell laspe correctly

  • asp
  • clasp I used a clasp to fasten my necklace.
  • gasp I couldn't help but gasp when I saw the incredible view from the top of the mountain.
  • hasp She secured the garden gate with a rusty hasp.
  • jasper Jasper is a type of fine-grained quartz that is often used for decorative purposes.
  • lace She wore a beautiful white dress with delicate lace embroidery.
  • lamp
  • lap
  • lapp
  • Lapps
  • LAPS She completed twelve laps in the swimming pool.
  • lapse I had a lapse of memory and forgot to pick up the milk from the store.
  • LASE The surgeon used a powerful laser to lase the tumor.
  • laser The laser is used in many industries, including medicine, manufacturing, and entertainment.
  • lass
  • lassa
  • lasses The lasses at the party were impressed by his dance moves.
  • lassie Were you referring to my lassie?
  • lasso The cowboy expertly threw his lasso and snared the runaway horse.
  • last This is the last question in the exam.
  • laze I plan to laze around the pool all day and do nothing.
  • lease
  • lisp In Lisp, everything is an atom.
  • Lisped As a child, she lisped when she spoke, but now she's a confident speaker.
  • lisper As a lisper, he struggled to pronounce certain sounds correctly.
  • lisps
  • lope The lope of the horses was thundering through the forest.
  • lose
  • Lupe The lupe is a small nocturnal animal found in Central and South America.
  • rasp He used the rasp to smooth out the rough edges of the wooden block.
  • wasp I saw a wasp hovering above the fruit.

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