Correct spelling for LATEOR

We think the word lateor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for lateor

  • alter They are as nice as can be about it but that does not alter the facts.
  • ladder 13. The man looked at the ladder.
  • lade * The year 497, i. e. three years before the capture of the town, appears to be an unlikely date for the battle of Lade: Miletus must have fallen in the autumn or winter months following the defeat.
  • larder Better, therefore, to consider some plan for capturing a large number of them at once, and so have a larder that would last me for ten or twelve days.
  • lat 7:30 A.M. D.R. Lat.
  • late I shan't be late."
  • later 53. Later Infancy of the Child.
  • lather As an officer of a marching regiment, ordered to rejoin immediately, he must flesh his sword in lather first-for he had found no razor strong enough-and postpone the day of riches till the golden date of peace.
  • latter "No, no, please," the latter hurriedly replied.
  • lauder I shall never forget what I read: Captain John Lauder killed in action, December 28. Official.
  • leader 5. The Lost Leader, p.
  • letter You mustn't carry them out to the letter.
  • lite If the rider had been fleeing from his crime, as was likely, Lite had no mind to raise at once the hue and cry.
  • liter In this way a spent silver bath was found to contain per liter
  • litter "You four," said I, "shall escort me-for I shall replace Madonna in the litter-you shall escort me towards Fabriano.
  • loader But you didn't do it with a flintlock, small-bore, muzzle loader, fair stand-up fight.
  • loiter When Colonels Cox and Paris say openly that it is cowardly for us to loiter here, surely there must be some reason in their words.
  • looter He appeased his delicate appetite with odds and ends of things from a locker full of canned goods which had escaped the looter.
  • lute He was not impulsive, he was not high-spirited, he was not chivalrous; yet he could play upon the impulses, the high spirits, and the chivalries of those whom he wished to destroy as dexterously as your trained musician can play upon the strings of a lute.
  • slater LaSalle-Dr. Russell C. Slater, 744 First Street.
  • latte Flag: blue with a white five-pointed star superimposed on the gray silhouette of a latte stone (a traditional foundation stone used in building) in the center, surrounded by a wreath
  • under-signed In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, so be it. This day, the feast of our lady Saincte-Geneviesve, patron saint of Paris, under whose protection have existed, since the year 1525 the clerks of this Practice, we the under-signed, clerks and sub-clerks of Maistre Jerosme-Sebastien Bordin, successor to the late Guerbet, in his lifetime procureur at the Chastelet, do hereby recognize the obligation under which we lie to renew and continue the register and the archives of installation of the clerks of this noble Practice, a glorious member of the Kingdom of Basoche, the which register, being now full in consequence of the many acts and deeds of our well-beloved predecessors, we have consigned to the Keeper of the Archives of the Palais for safe-keeping, with the registers of other ancient Practices; and we have ourselves gone, each and all, to hear mass at the parish church of Saint-Severin to solemnize the inauguration of this our new register.
  • under-signs

115 words made from the letters lateor

4 letter words made from lateor:

3 letter words made from lateor:

lat, are, ore, leo, eat, oat, let, alt, toe, ler, eta, art, lao, oar, lea, tor, tao, lot, ola, ert, ret, ter, rot, era, tar, ear, ate, rat, roe, tea, ale.

5 letter words made from lateor:

lerot, altro, orate, loera, letra, tarlo, alter, atler, oltre, ealor, taler, artel, roate, tarle, oater, reato, terol, oreal, toler, atelo, alero, ratel, later, latro, laroe, terao, ralte, retal, loret, toral, alert, orale, trela, realo, atole, erato.

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