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How to spell LATTENCE correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "lattence" instead of "latency", do not worry; here are some correct alternatives. You could try "latent", which refers to something existing but not yet developed. Alternatively, "latitude" refers to the distance of a point from the Equator. Finally, "latent heat" could be a possible suggestion, describing the amount of energy absorbed or released during a phase change.

List of suggestions on how to spell lattence correctly

  • Latency The high latency of the internet connection caused frustratingly slow download speeds.
  • Lattice The garden trellis was adorned with a lattice pattern of intertwining vines.
  • Laurence Laurence is a talented musician and songwriter.
  • Lawrence Lawrence is planning to visit his grandmother over the weekend.
  • Patience He waited patiently for her response, knowing that rushing her would only push her further away.

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