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How to spell LAUDEN correctly?

The correct spelling for "lauden" could be "laudable", implying something praiseworthy or deserving admiration. Alternatively, "lawden" might be a suitable suggestion, signifying a lush and well-maintained lawn.

List of suggestions on how to spell lauden correctly

  • aden
  • Alden Alden is planning to visit his grandparents this weekend.
  • Arden Arden was excited to start her new job as a teacher.
  • auden
  • Baden Baden is a town in Switzerland known for its thermal hot springs.
  • gladden The sight of his grandmother coming to visit always served to gladden his heart.
  • ladder I climbed up the tall ladder to reach the top of the bookshelf.
  • lade Can you lade this heavy box onto the truck?
  • laded I'm so glad we stopped for gas before we headed into the city; I'm feeling a bit laded from carrying all
  • laden
  • lades She lades her arms with groceries after a successful shopping trip.
  • lander
  • Landon Landon is going to the party with his new date.
  • larder I need to go to the store and restock my larder because I'm running low on snacks.
  • laud Laud the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and rejoice in Him!
  • Lauded The new administration's policies have been lauded by many economists for their potential to stimulate economic growth.
  • lauder
  • Lauding The critics are lauding the movie for its exceptional story and outstanding performances.
  • lauds The choir director insisted on including a hymn of lauds during the Sunday morning service.
  • launder I need to launder my clothes before my trip to Europe.
  • Lauren Lauren is the new girl in school.
  • leaden I felt a little leaden after my night of drinking.
  • leiden
  • linden The linden tree is one of the most common trees in the United States.
  • louder Can you speak louder so I can hear you better?
  • Walden He spent two years living in a cabin in the woods near Walden Pond.

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