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How to spell LCKER correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "lcker", here are some possible correct suggestions to consider. You might have meant "locker" - a storage compartment, "licker" - a colloquial term for someone who eats or licks food quickly or "Laker" - referring to the popular basketball team from Los Angeles.

List of suggestions on how to spell lcker correctly

  • blocker I need to find a blocker to prevent my phone from going off every thirty minutes.
  • Clicker I use a clicker when teaching my dog new tricks.
  • flicker The candle's flame began to flicker in the drafty room.
  • Lacked
  • lackey She chose a lackey to help her with her dress.
  • lager
  • lake I went fishing at the lake this morning and caught a huge bass.
  • leer I was gazing at the bright stars when I saw a deer leer at me.
  • leger The bookkeeper recorded the transaction in the leger.
  • licked I licked my lips after eating that amazing ice cream.
  • like I like to take walks in the park.
  • linker A linker is a molecule that helps proteins in cells to properly fold
  • locke John Locke believed in the natural right of rebellion.
  • locked I locked the door to keep out the rain.
  • locker She needed to get a locker for her new shoes.
  • lockers The students stored their backpacks and jackets in their lockers before heading to class.
  • locket My grandmother's jewelry box is an old fashioned key locket.
  • looker She's a real looker and turns heads wherever she goes.
  • lucked I lucked into an amazing opportunity that changed my life.
  • luckier My friend won the lottery twice, he's luckier than most people.
  • luger
  • luke I'm afraid I can't give you a ride to Luke's.
  • lurker The lurker remained hidden in the corner, watching and waiting for the right opportunity.
  • slacker I refuse to work hard, because I'm a slacker.
  • slicker He wore a slicker to protect himself from the rain.

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