What is the correct spelling for LEAARNED?

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Correct spelling for LEAARNED

We think the word leaarned is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for leaarned

  • cleaned Then you kin stay home all day an' git the house cleaned up."
  • darned "Wal, I'll be darned!
  • earned One day, when calling upon Isabel, she said suddenly: "Do you know how my father earned the money which I spend for board?
  • land And truly it did seem a very land of fire and water.
  • leaded And all the while he was speaking, the minister leaded over the pulpit, his face growing more white and sad every moment.
  • leafed The soft musical chat of its waters ascended to her ears, and among the huge bronze-leafed nut-trees, whose shelter she had just left, the woodpeckers were tapping and whistling to one another.
  • leander He had a very strong close box made for Leander, and always locked him up in it at night, never allowing one of the men there to touch him.
  • leaner It was only after anxious consultation with an account-book that the half-sovereign was exchanged for silver; thanks to the clothing-club bag, which looked leaner for the accommodation.
  • learn There were good reasons for this which we did not learn until later.
  • learned In time she might have learned to care for Arthur-but how was she to know this?
  • learnedly In spite of all this, however, probably as long as the game lasts, in the large proportion of hands in which the taking-out does not make any difference, the Declarer will say, "With such strength you should have let my No-trump alone"; or the Dummy will learnedly explain, "I was too strong to take you out."
  • learner And remember that as on the farm, so here, the yoke is always carefully adjusted so that the young learner may have the easier pulling.
  • leased When acquired, the mines should be leased to private parties for operation.
  • leaved "I fear he has picked a six-leaved clover," answered the Shaggy Man, sadly.
  • leavened But I suppose one never attains one's desire without its being leavened with some bitterness.
  • lenard
  • leonard
  • lerner
  • lined
  • weaned
  • Gleaned Within ten minutes she gleaned that Broderick was a miner, that he had a claim of some sort in the mountains back of Hill's Corners, to the eastward, that a couple of years ago he had made his "pile" in the Yukon country and that he had lost it in unwise speculation, that he knew more than the names of the streets of the chief cities of both coasts, that he had strong hopes of making a strike where he was and of selling out at a good figure to a mining concern with which he was already corresponding.
  • Larded A pheasant should have a clear, steady fire, but not a fierce one. The pheasant, being a rather dry bird, requires to be larded, or put a piece of beef or a rump steak into the inside of it before roasting.
  • Larked
  • Leaked
  • Leaned
  • Leaped
  • Leered
  • Leonid
  • Loaned
  • Warned
  • Yearned
  • Leland
  • Leanne
  • learns
  • learners
  • relearned

262 words made from the letters leaarned

5 letter words made from leaarned:

derna, edner, aenea, drane, eldar, daner, ndele, laden, darne, deraa, leder, anele, laned, arena, alere, radle, elara, ndlea, denar, ranee, arede, draal, endre, lener, renal, aalen, lerna, anale, darle, daane, areal, reald, endel, arled, radna, adale, needl, narla, denel, nedre, nedal, reaal, nadel, nerad, ledra, ladra, elder, aldar, reada, arnal, erdan, eared, neder, larne, lnder, delan, erlen, aneel, dreen, learn, laner, elend, danel, reden, ardee, eland, andar, lanre, anade, erdal, adree, eader, andel, eaned, areel, raden, erlan, leear, leare, edler, arale, aneal, rande, lrene, daler, laran, ardea, darna, rende, alder, neral, naree, leard, ernle, ardan, edern, alred, daele, erned, erden, dalea, edale, reale, delen, ladan, lader, nadal.

3 letter words made from leaarned:

dna, ear, ala, led, dal, dle, enl, ara, ane, eld, ern, lad, ene, ana, lea, nee, lan, rad, ler, rna, end, ale, are, red, ade, den, lee, ada, nad, eel, dre, era, aar.

4 letter words made from leaarned:

7 letter words made from leaarned:

anderle, andreae, andreea, arendal, elander, adrenal, leander, arndale, aneared, learned, laender.

6 letter words made from leaarned:

delran, nelder, redeal, aneled, daalen, darnel, leaden, arenal, endara, deenar, dearne, eldren, leaner, andler, endler, rendel, lander, larned, lender, leared, aldeen, relend, nadler, nerada, nealed, ladner, endear, rendle, rednal, darlan, renada, aereal, aldean, deaner, earned, andale, aelred, areena, laered, leader, dealer, lenard, ladera.

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