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How to spell LEABING correctly?

The correct spelling of "leabing" is "leaving". Suggestions for correcting the misspelling include using auto-correct on a computer or smartphone, looking up the correct spelling in a dictionary or asking someone who knows the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell leabing correctly

  • ebbing As we watched the sunset, the tide was ebbing, slowly receding from the shore.
  • lacing I noticed that the lacing on my sneakers was loose and needed to be tied tighter.
  • lading The lading on the truck was inspected to ensure all items were properly secured.
  • Lambing She was lambing in the meadow.
  • Laming The laming of the horse's leg forced the rider to dismount and seek veterinary care.
  • Laving I was laving my face with water when I heard a loud noise outside.
  • laying I am laying down on my bed, trying to relax after a long day.
  • Lazing She spent her weekend lazing on the beach, sipping on a cold drink.
  • leaching The leaching of chemicals into the ground water can cause contamination of the local water supply.
  • leading The study showed that leading followers was key to success.
  • leafing I was leafing through the book, when I saw a page with a diagram of a leaves.
  • Leaguing Many people enjoy leaguing up with their friends to play video games.
  • leaking The pipe was leaking and causing water damage.
  • leaning He was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.
  • leaping The cat was leaping over the fence.
  • learning After learning how to ski, she enjoyed skiing for years.
  • Leashing I am leashing the dog before we go for a walk.
  • Leasing
  • leaving I will be leaving for Paris tomorrow morning.
  • leering As she walked home from work, she noticed a man leering at her from across the street.
  • legging
  • lemming The lemming followed the flock without thought for its safety.
  • letting She was hesitant about letting her younger brother use her laptop.
  • loading The loading dock is overflowing with packages.
  • loafing I can't find my cat, he must be loafing somewhere.
  • loaning I have been loaning money to my friend for a while now, but I think it's time for her to start paying me back.
  • Lobbing The protestors were lobbing rocks at the police officers.
  • lubing
  • webbing The webbing between Jake's fingers was Oxford blue.

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