How to spell LEAED correctly?

We think the word leaed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell leaed correctly

  • bleed The cut on his finger caused it to bleed uncontrollably.
  • laced The brownies were laced with marijuana without my knowledge.
  • lad The young lad helped his grandmother carry her groceries to the car.
  • lade She asked Adam to lade up the right amount of food for the guests.
  • laded
  • lady She wore a ladylike dress.
  • laid I laid my head on the pillow.
  • Lamed
  • lard She was so greasy, that it took hours for the lard to soak through her clothes.
  • late I'm running late because my car is in the shop.
  • laud Laud the chef's innovative approach to cuisine.
  • Laved I laved my face in the cool water to refresh myself.
  • Lazed She lazed around all afternoon long.
  • lea We took a long walk through the colorful autumn lea.
  • Leached The water was leached out of the soil.
  • lead The lead singer of the band is very talented.
  • leaded The paintball gun was leaking leaded gas.
  • leaden The partygoers were leaden with boredom.
  • leader The leader of the company was praised for their innovative ideas and visionary approach to business.
  • leads The detective hopes the new information he gathered leads him to the missing person.
  • leafed I leafed through the pamphlet, looking for information on the school.
  • Leagued The alliance is Leagued with the army.
  • Leaked The conversation between the politicians was leaked to the press, causing a public outrage.
  • Leaned She leaned against the sturdy post to catch her breath.
  • Leaped The frog leaped across the Lily pad to get to the other side of the pond.
  • learned I learned to bake bread from my grandmother when I was a child.
  • leased I leased my apartment to my friend for six months.
  • Leashed The owner leashed the dog before going for a walk.
  • leaved The trees in our backyard have leaved out, signaling the arrival of spring.
  • led The sergeant led his team through the dense forest.
  • leda Leda was devoured by a swan.
  • lee
  • leeds The city of Leeds is known for its music scene.
  • Leta I've never met anyone named Leta, but it's a beautiful name.
  • lewd I'm not going to watch that movie, it's too lewd.
  • lied She lied to her friend about where she had been all day.
  • load The truck was carrying a heavy load of bricks to the construction site.
  • loader The construction worker operated the loader to clear away the debris from the demolition site.
  • lode There is a gold lode hidden in the hills.
  • plead Please plead with your father to make the change.

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