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How to spell LEAHS correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "leahs", consider possible corrections such as "lease", referring to a legal agreement; "leash", used to control animals during walks; or "least", denoting the minimal or smallest amount. Verify the intended meaning to accurately address the error and enhance communication clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell leahs correctly

  • blahs "I'm feeling the blahs today, I just can't seem to get motivated.
  • lags He got lost in the city, and the streets were unfamiliar and the buildings were tall and lags appeared out of nowhere.
  • laos Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.
  • Lars A lumberjack named Lars was working in the forest.
  • lass It's time to finish your history assignment, Lass.
  • Laths I use Laths to keep my floor clean.
  • laws Do you know the laws of thermodynamics?
  • lays
  • lea I need to plant a lea for the rabbits.
  • leach The Due Diligence team is conducting a leach review.
  • leaches The unhealthy pond water was full of leaches.
  • leads The evidence leads us to believe that he committed the crime.
  • LEAFS The Leafs won the hockey game last night!
  • Leah Leah is my best friend's name.
  • leaks The faucet leaks and needs to be fixed.
  • leans He leans against the wall while waiting for his turn.
  • leaps The graceful gazelle effortlessly leaps over the tall grasslands.
  • learns
  • LEAS
  • lease We signed a three-year lease for our apartment.
  • leases
  • leash My dog is on a leash.
  • leashes He had three dogs on leashes, all pulling in different directions.
  • least I ate the least amount of food at the party.
  • Leaves The leaves fall to the ground.
  • leers The creepy man gives leers to women passing by on the street.
  • lees She was reading through the book-lees what it said about love.
  • legs She walked on legs.
  • LEIS Leis are traditional Hawaiian garlands made of flowers or shells.
  • Leos Leos are known for being confident and outgoing.
  • Les
  • less She always appears to be wearing less make-up.
  • liars Some people are such habitual liars that they struggle to even tell the truth about the most mundane things.
  • luaus I attended several luaus during my trip to Hawaii and enjoyed all of them.

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