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How to spell LEALS correctly?

If you've spelled "leals" incorrectly, here are some possible correct alternatives. It could be "leads", a word indicating guidance or being in front. Perhaps you meant "least", meaning the smallest in amount. "Leafs" refers to the plural form of leaf, while "lends" means giving someone something temporarily. Double-check your context for the most accurate replacement.

List of suggestions on how to spell leals correctly

  • deals He had nothing left to trade, but he still had deals to make.
  • ells The farmer's field had several ells of crops.
  • heals The ointment heals his wounds quickly.
  • leads She takes initiative and always leads the team to success.
  • LEAFS The Leafs hockey team scored a goal in the last minute of the game.
  • leaks Leaks can be a serious problem for any building.
  • leans She leans against the wall while listening to music.
  • leaps The athlete made several impressive leaps over the hurdles.
  • LEAS
  • lease The couple signed a lease for the apartment and started moving in their furniture.
  • legals The company's legals team reviewed the contract and recommended some revisions.
  • Lela
  • Les Les became anxious when he realized he had lost his phone on the bus.
  • lolls I love to watch LOLLS movies.
  • lulls She tried to catch her breath, but the lulls in the gunfire made it difficult to hear.
  • meals I love preparing and eating meals with my family.
  • peals The thunderous peals of the church bells announced the beginning of the wedding ceremony.
  • seals The seals were basking on the rocks, enjoying the warmth of the sun.
  • teals The pond was full of different shades of blues and greens, including some beautiful teals.
  • weals After hiking in the woods, I noticed weals on my legs from the scratchy plants.

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