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How to spell LEAMED correctly?

If "leamed" is mistakenly used instead of "gleamed", it's crucial to offer correct suggestions. Firstly, "gleamed" relates to a shining or glowing effect. Alternatively, using words like "shimmered", "sparkled" or "radiated" can aptly convey the intended meaning. Employing the right terminology ensures clarity and precision in communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell leamed correctly

  • Beamed She beamed with joy when she received the news.
  • Gleamed The shiny diamond on her necklace gleamed in the sunlight.
  • Lamed The lamed is a Hebrew letter that represents the sound "L."
  • Lea med
  • Leaded The old house had leaded windows that added to its charm.
  • Leafed The pages of the old book were leafed through so many times, they started to crumble.
  • Leaked Sensitive information was leaked to the media regarding the company's upcoming merger.
  • Leaned I leaned against the wall, exhausted from running.
  • Leaped The stag leaped gracefully over the fence and ran into the woods.
  • Leased I have recently leased a car for a year.
  • Leaved I leaved my job last month.
  • Reamed The doctor reamed out the infected wound to remove all the dead tissue.
  • Seamed The dress is seamed in such a way that it accentuates the curves of the body.
  • Teamed The two athletes teamed up for the doubles match.

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