Correct spelling for LEARBED

We think the word learbed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for learbed

  • abed What do you think of a skipper who lies abed all the morning, Miss Baring?
  • barbed The beautiful meadows of the Meuse had been torn full of pits, some small, others large and deep enough to bury a truck; and trenches, barbed wire entanglements and shattered trees were scattered all about.
  • beard The female one was easily distinguished by her smaller size, and her beard was considerably less than that of the male.
  • garbed One of these scout chiefs is all buck-skins, fringes, beads an' feathers from y'ears to hocks, while t'other goes garbed in a stiff hat with a little jim crow rim-one of them kind you deenom'nates as a darby-an' a diag'nal overcoat; one chief looks like a dime novel on a spree an' t'other as much like the far East as he saveys how.
  • label When Effie had cleaned it with a bit of her skirt-for curiously enough both the children had come out without pocket handkerchiefs-she found that the label said "Waste."
  • laced Then she put her beautiful gold-laced coif on Michal's head, and praised at the same time her daughter-in-law's lovely hair.
  • larboard If you had ever read a truly exciting sea-tale, my dear Le Coq, you would have known that interesting things, and particularly signals of distress, are never seen except to larboard or dead ahead."
  • lard Breeds of hogs are divided into two general classes-bacon type and lard type.
  • larder "Ah, indeed," returned Mrs. Atkins, feeling a good deal relieved, for to tell the truth, her larder, as was often the case, was rather empty.
  • laredo
  • lead
  • leaded
  • leader
  • leafed
  • learned
  • leased
  • leaved
  • lenard
  • lobed
  • seabed
  • Blabbed Soon as she'd hooked her man she'd blabbed the whole thing.
  • Ebbed Alister indeed lived in a dream; he did not know how far the sea of hearts had ebbed, leaving him alone on the mount of his vision; but he dreamed a dream that was worth dreaming; comfort and help flowed from it to those about him, nor did it fail to yield his own soul refreshment also.
  • Lambed
  • Lamed
  • Larded
  • Larked
  • Larruped
  • Laved
  • Lazed
  • Leached
  • Leagued
  • Leaked
  • Leaned
  • Leaped
  • Leashed
  • Leered
  • Lobbed
  • Lobbied
  • Lured
  • LRPD
  • LRPT
  • laded
  • erectings
  • inspots
  • LRBD
  • LRBT

159 words made from the letters learbed

4 letter words made from learbed:

5 letter words made from learbed:

belar, arbel, balde, rabel, deber, leard, beled, daele, eared, belda, baldr, eader, edale, debar, alber, ardeb, rebel, leare, deeba, baler, lader, elder, adree, alder, leber, debre, radle, ardee, blare, laber, drabl, berel, alere, adeeb, daler, eldar, breed, darle, beard, abele, reald, blade, labre, beder, areel, adbel, bleda, ledra, lebed, arled, lebda, erdal, bared, bleed, barle, berea, alred, arede, blear, leear, beare, brade, abled, edler, albee, bread, abeel, badel, reale, blaer, leder, bedar, lebar, beral.

3 letter words made from learbed:

bra, bar, deb, eel, era, red, lad, arb, dal, are, bel, reb, eld, led, ear, lea, ale, rad, ler, dre, bad, dle, lab, bee, ade, bed, dab, alb, lee.

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