How to spell LEARNA correctly?

We think the word learna is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell learna correctly

  • earn How can he earn a human one?
  • lan "I lived in a lan' whare we saw nae sky, I dwalt in a spot whare a burn rins na by; But I'se dwall noo wi' you if ye like to try- Hae ye wark for Aiken drum?
  • lanai Old myths make this a haunt of the lizard god, but the shark god, thinking this venture below the water an intrusion on his territory, threatened to block the entrance with rocks, so the lizard god swam over to Molokai and made his home in the cave near Kaulapana, where the people built temples to him. An attempt of a daring explorer to light the cave of Lanai with fire hid in a closed calabash was also resented, the vessel being dashed out of the hand of the adventurer by some formless creature of the dark, who also plucked stones from the cave roof and hurled at him until he retreated.
  • lane At seven o'clock he was hiding in the hazel brush opposite old John Westcote's lonely house on Pottex Lane.
  • lawn Crash went a window; he was out, with Peggy at his heels, and away across the lawn.
  • lean There is no strength where there is no confidence, where there is nothing to lean on, where there is hollowness within.
  • leaner Old Tom was somewhat smaller and leaner than Dan, yet resembled him enough to deceive us at times.
  • lear While the girls watched, Mrs. Lear poured off the soap mixture.
  • learn I must learn his French.
  • learned "Then it's time you learned.
  • learner All that any instructor can do is to select and to provide the conditions necessary for appropriate experiences and to stimulate the learner to make the most of them.
  • lena "He's big and strong, and he's not afraid," she murmured, and started nervously at the knock with which Big Lena announced supper.
  • leon To Castile and to Leon Columbus gave a new world.
  • lerner Becker almost sold the exclusive rights to his animation for $75 but decided against it; heeding the advice of Steven Lerner, owner of Albino Blacksheep.
  • loan He was self-taught, having procured the loan of books from his minister and some friends who were interested in him.
  • lorn The street was quiet when he emerged from that lorn vigil; the corner groups had dissolved; shouting youths no longer patrolled the sidewalks.
  • luna Half-way across Luna Island is to be seen a large rock on whose face have been carved by an unknown hand the following lines: All is change.
  • Lain I have lain here wakeful.
  • Leno Jay Leno featured a review about the Rezvani Beast on his YouTube channel.
  • Erna Lady Adelaide, on the other hand, was naturally delighted with a change which brought her niece more near to her own worldly views; and while she was too clever to praise openly the course of Erna, she found ways of lending her aid to the helping forward of the work which the mere presence of Baron Albrecht seemed to be effecting.
  • Lana And I have heard how Lana and Morrison have been twice engaged and twice estranged.
  • Lara Too well remembers he when, where, and to whom he gave it-to Don Francisco De Lara on the day of their encounter.
  • Leanna If this was not enough to take us to Sacramento, we might get a chance as Sister Leanna had, to work our way.
  • Leona Dona Isidora and the little Leona remained by the camp, both of them busy scraping yucca roots, to be manufactured into cassava, and then into bread.
  • Lina Lina, it strikes me that you are a wonderfully clever woman.
  • Lorna "Does my Cousin Lorna judge kindly of her guardian, and her nearest kinsman?
  • Len Well, Len, I never could lead up to a thing; I have to tell it in one burst, and trust to Providence to sustain the hearer.
  • Leanne Benjamin (1811–1884), American politician Kelvin Benjamin (born 1991), American football wide receiver Leanne Benjamin (born 1964), ballet dancer (Royal Ballet, London) Lucy Benjamin (born 1970), actress Miles Benjamin (born 1988), English rugby union player Quanteisha Benjamin (born 1991–92), Canadian singer Regina Benjamin (born 1956), 18th Surgeon General of the United States René Benjamin (1885–1948), French author Rich Benjamin, American journalist and writer Richard Benjamin (born 1938), actor Rick Benjamin (disambiguation), multiple people Ryan Benjamin (disambiguation), multiple people Shelton Benjamin (born 1975), American wrestler Stan Benjamin (1914–2009), American professional baseball player Trevor Benjamin (born 1979), English-born Jamaican footballer Walter Benjamin (1892–1940), philosopher, literary critic & writer Zoe Benjamin (1882–1962), born Sophia Benjamin, Australian early childhood educator Fictional characters Private Benjamin, a 1980 film starring Goldie Hawn
  • Leann Jennifer Leann Carpenter (born December 7, 1979) is an American actress.
  • learns When Miss Leslie learns-" "Miss Leslie?"
  • leans But here it is difficult to discern one soft look, as she leans wearily over the railing of the bridge-a silent, sad, sin-stained creature.

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